Omniverse and Multiverse

The Omniverse and Multiverse

  • Every myth, legend, TV show, movie, book, comic, fanfiction, video game and so on actually happened. The movies and such we see are reports (like a dramatized news report–this is what happens when the news media tries to keep up with trends). But, these events happened in different parallel worlds.
  • Long ago, stories were just news reports but as times changed and people started saying, “Gah, the news is so boring! I like my sensationalized online social media better,” the news media had to evolve. It did so to the point that it became the “fictional” world of stories we now know. It formed from a mixture of wanting to not get persecuted for going against the local ruling powers to being thought of as crazy for claiming superheroes existed–if people think you’re just telling stories, they laugh, not commit you.
  • Each reporter (aka writer, painter, architect, musician, game developer, athlete, etc)–now called Agents–are assigned a beat, also known as a Multiverse. News sources, aka Muses, give the Agents the story and they report it in their desired form of expression. The Omniverse is the collection of all Multiverses.
  • The Agents, Muses, and more work for the Company. Well…most any way. There are some that work for the Company but don’t know it or are freelance (both called Indie Agents).
  • If there is no news to report, or the parallel world is destroyed for whatever reason, then the Muses have nothing to give to the Agent. The Agent then gets writer’s (or whatever) block.
  • When a parallel world is destroyed, those rescued usually have their minds wiped and placed in another reality. Sometimes these “old memories” leak out in the form of paintings, stories, movies, and such. These Survivor Agents are actually the inhabitants of the story world they are telling. Sometimes this mental paradox also allows them knowledge of other worlds, but most times they are “one-hit wonders.” Other survivors, those not rescued, find themselves in a barren wasteland realm (aka the post-apocalyptic realm).

Rules for a safe journey through alternate realities

The Known Dimensions

Dangers of the Omniverse/US Vs. THEM

US, The Destroyers, The Shadow Men, Omega Men

  • An unknown group who wishes to erase all of Creation in order to return the universe to its pure state of Chaos (and I’m using the Greek term here meaning Nothing or Void).
  • They see Creation (including Good and Evil) as an invading force. They will stop at nothing to erase Life (including Death) and bring back the Void.

The Nothing, The Void, Chaos, The Empty Chasm, Entropy

  • The formless emptiness before Creation. It has no true name because once you name something it becomes Something.

THEY, THEM, The Builders, Creators, Council of Alphas, Alpha Beings

  • A group who works to maintain the balance of Creation. The forces of imagination, wonder, invention, exploration, and so on.

The Powers That Be (PTB, TPTB)

  • Before the US and THEM separated into two separate factions, they were simply The Powers That Be. Sometimes they or their agents are called The Powers That Be. They can be either for Good or for Evil.

Garbage Men, Cleaners, Men in Black, Tall Men, the Custodians/Janitors

  • Neutral beings that maintain the universe. They make sure exotic matter isn’t present in a given universe (which can be trouble for those that travel through parallel worlds or through time). They have also been known to rewrite reality in order to cover-up the things people aren’t ready for (such as knowing that superheroes exist or that the monster under the bed is real).
  • The Tall Men are the debt collectors of the universe. They are the forces of Karma. They also collect on the payment those who use superpowers must pay–magic comes with a cost.


  • A group who believe they can become gods by killing off every version of themselves

Mangled Ones, The Mangled, Twisted Ones

  • Dark versions of a being. Not to be confused with a opposite version/evil twin (i.e. you’re good and your double is evil). These beings are hallow…empty. They’ve fallen into the Void. They are mindless and ruthless.

The Wyrm

  • On a seemingly boring realm, a meteor hit the Earth causing some of the population to be infected with the Wyrm virus. Some of the infected became mindless zombies while others retained a semblance of their human intelligence but became ruthless. 
  • Thanks to Spyder telling them of the existence of parallel worlds, The Wyrm travels to other realities and “frees” them by infected the planet with the Wyrm virus. They travel in a ship, created by Spyder, called the Wyrmwood through undetectable portals called Wyrmholes.
  • The only known leadership is Spyder and Father Magnus Six.


  • A mysterious man of unknown origins who helped to create the Wyrm’s dimension ship. He also fuels it thanks to his nanobot spiders, which drain sleeping people of their phantasmic energy. He wears red and black clothing and a hood. He has four red eye-lenses and spikes on his wrists and knees. He also has two “arms” that come from his back.

O, The Holy Knight

  • An advanced AI capable of changing its appearance. In its natural state it looks like a mixture of crystals and stain glass with putty for hands and feet. Before coming the Holy Knight, it was known as OLIVER.
  • It is rumored that it works for BLT Gaming as an “anti-virus” that rids the EarthLife 6 system of “unwanted” or “corrupted” code.

Omega Institute 

  • One of the many groups who wishes to destroy all of Creation and return the Omniverse to its “true” state of chaos and nothing.
  • Ran by Simon Darkk, Lucas Lite’s old partner and college roommate.

The Web of Dark Realms

  •  Collection of realities based on the darkest impulses of mankind
  • Filled with true monsters
  • Creatures/beings born of Shadow, Fear, Disorder, and Destruction


EarthLife 6

  • A virtual reality game created by BLT Gaming to put people into various “simulations” and “games.” Their goal is to create the perfect AI by using the knowledge of those they “plug-in” to the system.

Champions’ Jamboree

  • A trading card game. No one really knows where it came from or how it is played.

Toon Strike

  • A TV series created by the mysterious and unseen Father Magnus Six.
  • The show follows many “fictional” characters who’ve joined the cause to rebel/strike against the “creators.” Also, stars those who fight against the rebellion.

Mirror Wars

  • A video game offering mission quests, loot, and more.
  • Contains puzzle levels, platformer levels, shooter levels, and more.

Wyrm Hunt

  • A battle royale game where players battle the Wyrm.


Speculum Bellator

  • Mirror Warrior. The Champions chosen to fight in the Mirror Wars.

Bella Speculo

  • Mirror Wars.

Speculum Sui

  • Mirror Self. You’re Multiverse double. Also known as a Reflection.


  • Those with a natural ability to sense the other realms. These people usually become writers, architects, chefs, inventors, artists, actors, athletes, scientists, politicians, lawyers, police or rescue workers, and so on. They usually just sense the other realms and believe it to be inspiration (unless they’re an Agent in which case they know it came from another reality). Sometimes they are temporarily able to “dive deeper” into the realm; these moments are known as “Entering the Zone” or “Getting into the Zone.” For a moment, they synchronize with their counterpart (i.e. Reflection) and are given a burst of strength, speed, or inspiration.
  • Dreamers are usually recruited to become Agents or Indie Agents…eventually.

Philosophica Regionum

  • Guidebook of Realms
  • Tips, tricks, and sightseeing locations for those traveling through multiple realms
  • Provides information about the local culture and language

Vojo de Kreo

  • Road of Creation
  • Hub for many gateways to other realms
  • Humans used the one located at Stonehenge as a shopping mall until it was mostly destroyed during the supernatural purge


ZAP Gate, ZAP Portal, ZAP Gateway, ZAP Terminal

  • Allows user to travel to other realms.
  • Full name: Zitáo Ánoigma Pýli (or Ζητάω άνοιγμα πύλη), which translates (roughly) into “I ask for a gate opening”

Sibyl (aka “OK, Sibyl” or “Sibyl, where is…”)

  • A digital assistant created by Adam Helios, an employee of Blue Light Technologies

Ask Delphi

  • A search engine created by Adam Helios, an employee of Blue Light Technologies


  • Name for traveling to another reality (i.e. “Have a nice Shift.”)



  • Fantastical Ultra-Realistic Rides Yahoo
  • Owned by Lucas Lite
  • Amusement park full of rides that take you to other worlds

Characters of Furryland (some, not all)

  • Markus Moose, Paula Penguin, Wally Rhino, Sandra Sheep, Lucky Lamb, Beatrice Beaver

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