Shift Rules

Follow these rules for a safe Shift (aka journey):

  1. Go towards the light.
  2. Hold tight to the harmonic rod. It will keep you from getting lost as you travel through all that Is, Was, and Could Be.
  3. Only partake of the provided food and drink. If you eat or drink something from the Other Realm, you will be stuck there until you digest the item in about 10 hours.
  4. Avoid the Cleaners.
  5. Take care of the Mirror Gate. If the Gate is damaged while you are on a Shift, you will be stuck in that reality for seven years–Omniverse Standard Time (OST)*–as the Gate repairs itself. If you are still traveling through the Gate and it is damaged, you will become Shattered. Your spirit/essence will be split into how ever many Gate Shards there are and tossed to the winds of the Everything landing in unknown realms across the whole Omniverse. You will then become reborn as those individuals.

*The number of seven years depends on a realm’s location in relation to the Nexus. Long ago, the parallel worlds were just that…parallel; they did not cross. Then Blue Light Technologies activated their machine and created a “gravity well.” This caused the realms to revolve around the Nexus much like the planets revolve around the sun. Some realms are closer to the Nexus, so their “years” are different than the realms further away. This difference in time is why someone can step through a Gate and land on a Tuesday but another person can go through the Gate an hour later and arrive on a Friday (but if the Gate remains open–keeping the link established–people will arrive at the same time). So, seven years in one realm might be 700 in another or 17 days.

The revolution of the realms is what causes Convergences. Sometimes the realms get close to each other, like planets will “get close” to each other. During these Convergences, travel between realms is easier.