File X-001 | Dogboy Reborn Side Quests

Incoming Message


This is Captain Stone of the International League of Super-Transbeings. The date is May 16, 2003. We have just received the following message.

Series of text messages sent from Unknown on July 10, 2019

Unknown: It’s all a lie.

Unknown: Ten years ago extraterrestrial life invaded Earth. That part is true.

Unknown: It is also true that the battle was over in three days.

Unknown: But it wasn’t the aliens that were victorious. Earth won that day.

Unknown: The governments saw this as an opportunity. War, famine, crime, violence, hate, climate change, and terrorism were all on the rise.

Unknown: They saw a chance to change all that. The drones, the ships–those are controlled by the Earth Unity Federation pilots. The few aliens we see on patrol are really Earth Unity Federation military units.

Unknown: The EUF scavenged the technology left by the aliens. They pretended to be the aliens. They created the peace treaty in order to set up new restrictions and have the aliens as the scapegoats.

Unknown: The aliens haven’t been on the Earth since July 6, 2009. It’s all been a ruse to keep us in check.

Addendum: It is now July 10, 2009. The alien invaders did arrive as predicted by the message. We, however, were able to intercept them before reaching Earth.

The Citizens remain unaware of any supernatural presence.


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Stakeout at the Docks | Ace Journeyman Side Quest


You’ve got a message from Glen.

Glen: What’cha doin’?

Ace: Stakeout with Watermark and Windmaker.

Glen: What kind of stakeout?

Ace: Someone’s illegally smuggling domesticated kaiju. They plan to use them in kaiju fights.

John Watermark: What part of “secret mission” did you not understand?

Ace: It’s just Glen.

John Watermark: I don’t care.

Ace: How’d you get into this conversation anyway?

John Watermark: That’s exactly my point. You never know who’s listening.

John Watermark: Or in this case texting.

John Watermark: How do we know that’s really Glen?

Ace: It says so right above the message bubble. Sent by Glen, March 19, 2012.

John Watermark: < : (

Ace: Wow, I didn’t know you knew how to do that!

John Watermark: I’m not *that* old.

Ace: How old are you?

John Watermark: Classified.

Glen: You should’ve let me come. I can help.

John Watermark: Sidekicks aren’t allowed on missions.

Glen: Sidekick??!!

Ace: Glen’s not my sidekick. He’s my friend!

Glen: Thanks!

John Watermark: By all means, that makes it better. Now I really should have brought him.

David Windmaker: Is this a private conversation or can anyone join?

David Windmaker: We have movement. I see three razorbacks, a bladebeak, five deathfoots, six screechers, and

David Windmaker: Is that a mousecat? What’s a cute kaiju like that doing here?

John Watermark: Probably breakfast.

Ace: WHAT??!

John Watermark: The “cute” kaijus end up as meals for the customers.

Glen: I think I’m going to be sick. You gotta do something!

John Watermark: What do you think we’re doing here!?

John Watermark: Now get off the line so we can get to work.

Glen: Who says “get off the line” anymore?

Ace: Old people…like John.

John Watermark: *sighs*

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Copyright © 2019 Joe Rover

Ace Journeyman and related characters Copyright © 2016-Present by Joe Rover

All rights reserved. No part of this post may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without prior written permission of the author/publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in reviews or as a repost/share with link to the original post.

All characters, organizations, and locations in this post have no existence outside the imagination of the author and have no relation to anyone bearing the same name or names. Any resemblance to individuals known or unknown to the author are purely coincidental.

All rights reserved.

Lights Out|Side Quest


One by one the lights went off. Within minutes the city went dark. Everything started to shut down from the holo-boards advertising the new diet soda to the residential holo-screens playing the sixtieth season of The North Wilbertons. The VirtNet and Internet went down in seconds. A few moments later, vehicles started to shut down…except for one ion-mag lev commuter train…that one was just running out of control.

I needed to take care of the runaway quick—not just because there was a group of citizens aboard or that the train would soon derail and destroy a couple city blocks but because I needed to get to the power station and put a stop to the one behind this power out.

Luckily, my Dog Toys (aka gadgets) operate on a different system, so the Dogfighter was still operational. I positioned the advanced fighter jet ahead of the runaway.

“Dogboy,” Brain said via the Dog Whistle communication system. “SPOT just scanned the train; it was hacked. This is a distraction.”

“Well, it’s a pretty good one,” I said. I flipped a switch. The Dogfighter sprayed a foam-like substance along the tracks. It would slow the train while also keeping it from derailing.

A second after I finished coating the tracks, the train ran over the foam. The train itself, thanks to magnetic levitation, hovers over the tracks. The foam is designed to lessen that connection so that the train slows but not cause it fall to the ground. The train jerked and moaned like someone who’d been at the gym too long. It slowed some, but I could tell it wouldn’t be enough.

I flew the jet ahead of the oncoming train and jumped out. I landed with a heroic thud. I braced for impact with the train while holding my paw-like hands out in front of me.


The claws on my paw-like feet dug into the rails. Sparks jumped around me as the claws tried to find purchase in the rails. My purple cape folded around me like a cocoon as I pushed against the train. Two handprints began to form in the train’s front. I pushed against the train, pouring on my telekinetic power. I could feel the phantasmic energy flowing out of me and down through the train. I groaned.

Finally, the train began to slow.

Thanks to the foam and my push, the train finally came to rest. I panted, my tongue almost reaching the ground. The passengers and workers shouted out thanks as the Dogfighter angled to pick me up. With a leap, I soon was back in the cockpit.

“Now for Terabyte,” I said.


When I arrived, Terabyte was having a fun time blasting transformers. Machine bits sprayed everywhere and plumes of fire reached high into the sky. I jumped down behind the cybernetic villain.

Without turning, the villain in yellow, said, “Well, well, well. Look who’s here. Next time I’ll sabotage two trains.”

“End this now, Terabyte, before someone gets hurt,” I demanded with a swipe of my arm.

He turned slowly towards me. His body crackled and glowed with energy. “But, Dogboy…that’s the whole point. Humanity’s time is over. It is time for the Digitrons to rule. It is only natural: the son always replaces the father. Humanity created us; now we will rule.” Terabyte spread his fingers. Arcs of electricity danced between his fingers. “Besides, it serves them right for imprisoning me.”

“Then I’ll stop you.” I thrust out my hand, launching a blast of telekinetic power at him.

Nothing happened.

“Uh-oh,” said Terabyte with a sneer. “Someone’s running on empty.” Terabyte moved his hand before him like some Tai Chi student. A lightning ball began to form in his hand. “Fortunately…I just ate.” He lobbed the ball at me.


I spiraled through the air like a toy shot out of a cannon. I crash landed into the side of a transformer with my back. I left a small dent. As I tried to stand, electrical wires wrapped around me.

I fruitlessly struggled against the wires. Terabyte laughed mercilessly as he hovered into the air. Electricity shot all around us.

“With you out of the way,” Terabyte monologued, “this city will be helpless against my army.”

“What makes you think I’ll be ‘out of the way’?”

“Because you have no power to stop me.”

“Really?” I relaxed my arms and chest. Earlier as the wires wrapped around me, I puffed up my chest and arms in order to be larger than I was. By relaxing, the wires loosened enough for me to use my claws to cut myself free.

Terabyte yelled in frustration before firing a lightning bolt at me. I managed to dodge and summon one of my Dog Toy gadgets. It looked like a tennis ball but was really an explosive.

I tossed the ball at Terabyte. He, of course, blasted it in order to make it explode early. He was momentarily blinded by the flash and by the resulting smoke. In that moment, I summoned another tennis bomb from my belt and tossed it. This one did connect and Terabyte fell to the earth. While he was recovering, I ordered my belt to print up a superpower suppression dog collar. Just as Terabyte was standing, I jumped at his chest, knocking us to the ground. After a brief struggle, I snapped the collar around his neck and his powers faded.

With Terabyte under control, the workers were able to move on the scene and began repair work. Within a matter of minutes, power was restored to the city. Not long after that the authorities arrived for Terabyte.

“You can’t stop us!” shouted Terabyte. “One day this world will belong to us!”

I rolled my eyes. “Super-villains.”


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POV Challenge – Ace – Regrets

Point of View Challenge: Write in a different point of view than you normally do or write from the point of view of a different character.

For example: I write in first-person so I would change to third or second person. Or since I usually write from the point of view of Dogboy, Max, or Ace, I would write from the point of view of a secondary character or from the point of view of the villain. If you change characters you can keep your normal point of view or change it if you want.

Feel free to do your own POV Challenge.

So here we go…

Dave was falling. That much was clear. He might not have been an A student but the wind rushing around him was a pretty good clue. He could also hear a slight zzz-ip noise as he passed each floor.

After the first five floors, he’d resigned himself to his fate. There wasn’t much else to do than wait. Oh sure, he screamed like crazy for the first three floors but soon ran out of breath.

“Why hadn’t I listened to Mom?” he asked.

His mother had warned him that playing so close to the edge was dangerous, but he’d done it anyway.

Of course it wasn’t completely his fault. His older brother, Sam, had dared him. Sam always seemed to get him into trouble. The most recent dare, besides this one, was to free the science lab frogs and release them into the wilds of the school cafeteria. Dave got a week’s detention and Sam got off scot-free.

I bet he won’t this time, Dave thought. Mom’ll see to that.

“Mom,” Dave said then sighed. Dave had heard her scream as he began his fall. He imagined she was still screaming.

Well, one thing’s for sure. I’ll never fall for Sam’s dares again. That epiphany seemed a little pointless now, Dave realized.

It was all over. He’d never get to play in the upcoming eSports tournament. All those hours practicing wasted.

“Wow,” said Dave. “I play video games a lot. Maybe I should have done something more fulfilling with my time…like texting.”

Dave then dared to look down. Yup, the ground was much closer now. Just a few more floors. Dave vaguely wondered if he’d make the news. Surely, he would. Kids falling from buildings always made the news.

Dave sighed. “This is actually starting to get a little boring.”

He then thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye. It looked like a young man dressed in white.

Seeing flying people dressed in white as you fall to your death can’t be a good thing, Dave thought.

Hopefully this meant he’d be going “upstairs.” Though the idea kind of surprised him. Dare or no dare, he had released the frogs, he had climbed that old tree on a dare resulting in medical bills for his mother, and he had drawn on Mack’s face while he slept through math class. Most important he’d disobeyed his mom.

Just as he was wondering if they’d let him have a guitar instead of a harp, Dave realized he was slowing. The wind around him was increasing…pushing at him. It felt like one of those indoor skydiving places.

Dave laughed softly as he realized he’d entered a new dare; he dared to believe he could survive.

Now no longer thinking of his impending doom, he pondered how to live. First he’d apologize to his mother. Second he’d tell off Sam. And third, he’d tell Susan he liked her.

And maybe play less video games. That was still negotiable.

Before Dave landed, he realized the wind was angling him towards the awning over the building’s entrance.

Dave hit the awning, bounced, and landed in the bushes. It wasn’t a soft or graceful landing, but he was alive, and he would probably talk Susan into signing his cast.

Dave let out a sigh of relief and opened his eyes. For a moment there he could have sworn he saw the same strange young man in white smiling at him. He then faded like some kind of ghost.

“David!” he heard his mother shout.

Mom, thought David and smiled.

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Dialogue Challenge – Hot, Hot, Hot

Dialogue Challenge: Story written in all dialgoue. There can be attribution such as “he said” or “she cried.” Internal dialogue is OK. Filler dialogue or pauses are OK such as … for someone not responsding. “Spoken” sounds like coughs, grunts, and such are also allowed. Feel free to try it yourself.

 “Man, it’s hot!” I said.

 “Of course it is, Dogboy,” said Brain via the comm-link, “the apartment building is on fire.”


 “What? What just happened?”


 “Dogboy? Joe? Joe! Report!”

 “I’m okay. Some of the rafters just collapsed.”

 “Satellite images show that the building is becoming more unstable. It is time to leave.”

 “No. My nose tells me that someone’s still here.”

 “The rescue workers are reporting that everyone is accounted for, thanks to you.”

 “There’s still someone else here. Check the records again.”

 “OK…there…click here…open…come on connect…ugh, buffering…”

 “Brain…this place is falling apart.”

 “I am doing the upmost I am capable of given the situation.”

 “Brain, this fire is getting hotter and soon even I won’t be able to stand it. Regular people surely won’t.”

 “I got it. Jim Sanders, who works for the water company, has two children: Jack and Jill.”

 “Got it. Jack! Jill! Where are–” 


 “Joe! What happened? You’re vials spiked.”

 “Floor gave way. But I’m okay. I got to the leash grapple in time.”

 “I continue to strongly suggest you vacate the premises immediately.”

 “Not until I have those…Wait, I hear something.”


 “Just a minute…Yeah…I can hear them.”

 “Help!” a small female voice said. “Someone! Help!”

 “They’re in the next room,” I reported to Brain.

 “Please *cough* help us,” Jill said.

 “I can see them.”

 “Oh thank heavens,” said Brain.

 “Dogboy, please *cough* my brother. He hurt his head.”

 “It’s alright. I’ll have you out in two wags of a dog’s tail. I just need you to climb on my back and hold tight.”

 “What about my brother?”

 “He’s safe in my paws, uh, hands.”

 “Does the leash grapple have enough power to swing you all out?” Brain asked.

 “We’ll find out soon enough.”

 “Who are you talking to?” Jill asked.

 “Just a friend. I’m going to swing us out of here.”

 “What *cough* about the wall?” Jill asked.

 “Dramatically smashing through walls is the first thing we superheroes learn. Keep your head down and you’ll be fine…You ready?”

 “Hmm-hmm,” she said.

 “Brain, you contacted the rescue workers?”

 “They’re outside waiting.”

 “One, two, three. Here we go!”



 “Wheeee!” cried Jill.

 “There he is!” said the fire chief. “Move into position!”

 “There, safe and sound,” I said.

 “Can we go again?” Jill asked.

 “Dogboy,” said the fire chief, “is everyone alright?”

 “The boy needs medical attention.”

 “We’re on it,” said the chief. “Jeff. Sam. Get the EMTs.”

 “Jill!” came a voice from the crowd.


 “Oh my darling daughter. I feared the worst.”

 “I kept Jack safe,” she said with a hint of pride.

 “And she did a wonderful job,” I said. “Jack’ll be fine.”

 “Oh thank you, Dogboy,” he said. “Thank you so very much.”

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Part 1 Part 2

Jackson “Jack” Riggs

    “Accessing ILOST Database,” said the base’s AI. “Accessing Brood file.”

    The big “Open File” button stared at me. I glanced around checking to see if anyone was near. I took a breath and opened the file. 

    “Brood,” said the artificial intelligence. “Real name Vlad Drake. Hometown: Transylvania. Species: Reformed vampire.” I checked the area again. The volume seemed amazingly loud. “His race once were allies with the Xacians pitting them against the Sirian race. Though no longer allies, the blood feud between vampires and “werewolves” continues. Vlad comes from the upperclass of vampire society, a count, but he rejected the bloodthirsty ways of his kind and joined ILOST.”

    That must have been tough.

    “Powers include: strength, speed, immortality, flight, and the ability to transform into a bat, a swarm of bats, or mist. He can also hypnotize others and survive in extreme environments. Since he is reformed, crosses and sunlight have no effect on him. Garlic will drug him or keep him away. A stake through the heart will ‘kill’ him until it is removed. Dark sunlight, or darklight, can hurt him and unholy water will burn him. His costume includes a black duster jacket…”

    “What do you think you are doing?!” a voice said from behind me. I turned to see the fanged face of Brood. “Is this why you are here? To learn about us.”

    “D-D-Dogboy said to look around.”

    “I sincerely doubt he meant for you to access our database. Even he’s not that stupid. How did you get access?”

    “I-I, uh…”

    Brood then picked me up. I could feel his nails digging into me. He then tossed me across the room. I slid to a stop. Brood leapt into the air and was suddenly on top of me. I felt that same pain behind my eyes I’d felt when I copied Dogboy. The beam shot from my eyes and passed over Brood. 

    “Get off!” I shouted. I threw Brood across the room. He smacked into a wall. Once he recovered, he transformed into a swarm of bats. I swatted at them as they attacked.

    “That is ENOUGH!” a voice echoed. I felt some kind of shockwave hit me. It was strong enough to knock me to the ground. It was also strong enough to knock the bats out of the air and reform back into Brood.

Dogboy (aka Joe Rover)

    Master Mantle stood there with his hands still pressed together. His thunderclap had stopped the fight. The senior member turned to look at me. “Dogboy, get control of your team. If you can’t, we’ll find someone who can.”

    “Yes sir.” I lowered my head and tried not to look at him. The door slammed shut behind the older superhero. I turned to Brood and Jack. This I need. “What exactly is going on here?”

    I could tell Brood was a little winded as he spoke, but he kept it secret. “I found him accessing our files.”

    “What?” I said turning to Jack. Jack looked away.

    “He can copy our powers and now he knows our weaknesses. What more do you need?” Brood’s pale color was actually starting to show some, well, color.

    I glanced at Jack. Then I started looking around. “Where’s CyberCypher? I asked him to stay with you.”

    Realization dawned on Brood and he slowly turned to Jack. “So that’s how you did it. You copied CyberCypher. That was how you could access the files without permission.” 

    Brood stepped closer to Jack as I tapped the comm-link in my sunglasses. “Cy, where are you?”

    “At the library. I’ve been waiting for you for over an hour.”

    “Why…?” I turned to Jack. “Did you tell him that I wanted to see him?”

    Jack blushed, but not from embarrassment. “I’m sorry,” he said. “It’s just…uh…”

    “You have to understand how bad this looks,” I said. “You’re not going to gain many allies by destroying our trust.”

    “Those stupid enough to trust you in the first place,” Brood muttered. I shot him a warning glance.

    “Why did you do it?” I asked Jack. “There’s not too many reasons for a stranger to access files on us.”

    “I wasn’t trying to hurt you. I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

    Brood huffed. “Lousy way to prove it, kid.”

    I put my hands on my hips. “Why, Jack?”

    “I-I-I…” He then collapsed.

    “How’s that for timing,” Brood said.

Part 1 Part 2

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First Contact

Part 1

Dogboy (aka Joe Rover)

    While I was thankful for the assist, I could tell not everyone was as grateful.

    “Who is he?” someone asked.

    “Where did he come from?”

    “How did he stop that thing?”

    “Are the Xacians back?”

    Sally helped me up. The burn mark from when the sphere hit me was already healing. My costume was also repairing itself. “You better say something,” she whispered, “before there is a riot.”

    “What do I say?”

    “You’ll think of something.”

    I approached the young man. “Hi.” I could hear Sally’s facepalm from behind me.

Jackson “Jack” Riggs

    “Uh, hi,” I said. Wow, I was meeting Dogboy.

    I started to reach out for his hand, uh, paw, but then I started feeling this pain behind my eyes. They felt like they were on fire. I groaned and shook my head. But suddenly a burst of light erupted from them. The beam of light passed over Dogboy and then vanished. I then got sick. Things were uneven. The world was tilting. Then as sudden as it began, everything was normal. Except for how everyone was looking at me. The crowd had taken a step back and even Dogboy looked frighten for a moment.

    “What?” I said. “What’s wrong?” I looked at my hands and could see that they had transformed into paw-like hands, much like Dogboy’s. I also had fur. I felt panic welling up in me as everyone whispered about how I’d stolen Dogboy’s powers. The fur and claws then retracted and I was back to normal.

    “He’s a mimic,” the woman reporter whispered.

    Dogboy glanced at the crowd. “I think we need to take this conversation to somewhere more private.”


    “Welcome to the International League of Super-Transbeings HQ,” Dogboy said. “Or ILOST for short.”

    “Wow,” was all I could say. The place was amazing. There was tech here that people could only dream of. The place was all nice and shiny too like it’d just been cleaned. While it had a very military-like look to it, it also had a homey feel. You could tell this was a place of business, but also a place where members could hang out and relax. “Wow,” I said again just before I bumped into something.

    It was Brood, the team’s reformed vampire. He looked just like his pictures: black duster jacket, black pants and boots with a red trim, black shirt with a red collar, and red gloves.

    He glared at me for a moment and then turned to Dogboy. “You brought him here?”


    I sighed. Brood and I rarely saw eye-to-eye on things. It probably had something to do with that long ago vampires were allies with the Xacians. That pitted them against the Sirians, or werewolves. Even though Brood was beyond the whole blood-drinking thing, there was still some resentment. Blood feuds are hard things to get over in one generation. And his attitude doesn’t help.

    “And where else would I take him?” I asked.

    “PAWS for starters.” PAWS: Paranormal and Weirdness Specialists.


    “That machine, that he clearly could control, was trying to transform the planet. I’d call that a pretty good reason.”

    “He stopped the machine.”

    “After he probably started it. That’s the problem with you dogs; you’ll be friends with anyone who gives you a belly rub.”

    My claws started to grow. “Do you want to do this right now?”

    His fangs started to grow. “Anytime, Rover.”

    He hissed. I growled.

    A wall then dropped down between us.

    “Is that anyway to welcome a guest?” said a voice.

Jack Riggs

    The woman in the flowing white robe stood with her hand raised as Dogboy, Brood, and I turned. It was Daphne Spelling, the witch. There was something familiar about the woman with the short cut brown hair, beyond the fact that she was a famous superhero. A black cat sat at her feet cleaning its paws.

    “Let us hear what he has to say.”



    “That’s quite the story,” I said after Jack finished his tale. He’d told us how he always thought he’d been from Earth but the Sphere had reawaken his memory and his powers. It had also told him that he was the last surviving member of the royal family of Tetrix. 

    “Yes, ‘story’ being the keyword,” said Brood. “Now he’s telling us that there are more like him.” He faced Jack. “How many more?” Jack said he didn’t know. Brood faced me. “What more evidence do you need? They have already tried to terraform the Earth and now there is an army of them, somewhere.”

    “He is quite right.” Agent Zee stepped out of the shadows. “They are the ultimate sleeper cell. No memories of their goals until they are activated. I have also searched the star charts; there is no mention of a planet Tetrix.”

    “Big universe,” I said. “Wait, he just told us what planet he’s from. How did you know?”

    “I have my ways,” Zee said letting his Russian accent slip in even more to add effect. “I had many contacts before Xacians turned me into a zombie.” Agent Zee had volunteered for a project that would supposedly make him a better spy. What happened is the test subjects turned into zombies. Any more than this is classified, according to Zee. And since he’s a zombie, we don’t know his age, but he has accidentally made Cold War references. “We know nothing of this, мальчик [mal’chik].” Even though our interpreter technology allows us to understand each other in our native tongues, some…attitudes/feelings stay the same. The technology interprets what is said in a way that we can understand what is said, even if that is in another language.

    I sighed. “That’s why I brought him here. To find out more about him.”

    “Well, that was stupid,” said Brood.

    “Do you really think he’d try to attack a base full of superheroes?” I asked.

   “Not unless that was his plan.”

Part 1

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