Joe Rover

Joel “Joe” Tobias Roverimg_1161

“Time to let the dog out.”

Leader of The Pack, a group of his friends consisting of Sally Pine, Brain Walker, Danny Smith, and Bandit

Base of Operations:

Megaton City


  • Tangled mop of blonde hair, goofy-looking 21-year-old
  • Half-breed Sirian. Both parents are human but an accident in genetics gave him his powers. An ancestor was a Sirian.
  • Even before the accident with the Dark Matter, Joe showed signs of super-gifts.


  • Unsure of himself, hides behind his quick wit and lousy puns.
  • Though bullied most of his life, he tries to do the right thing.
  • Has a tendency to get cliches wrong because of historical distortion/corruption.


“Talk to the paw because the floppy ears aren’t listening.”

Joe Rover’s alter ego


  • Muscular 6 foot humanoid golden retriever.
  • Black sunglasses, purple cape, purple sports utility vest with Fabricator pockets.
  • Off-white t-shirt with emblem.
  • Blue jeans, black boots with fur and paws sticking out.
  • Yellow belt with smaller emblem and Fabricator.


  • The Megaton Mutt
  • Mutt of Marvels
  • The Heroic Hound
  • The Caped Canine


  • Pup
  • Mutt
  • Fleabag
  • Drool(ing) Fool
  • Runt


  • Teleportation (speed)
  • Telekinesis (strength)
  • Telepathy (can smell fear/feelings not words, though to him it might sound like words)
  • Healing/regeneration
  • Fur armor (some protection from harm)
  • Razor claws
  • Razor teeth
  • Dog breath (knockout)
  • Wolf lungs (blow objects around)
  • Puppy dog eyes (limited mind control)
  • Not prehensile tail
  • Cape stun, whap, or grab
  • Sonic howl/bark
  • Digger (phasing)
  • Hunter (invisibility)


  • Xeno-silver (burns and weakens)
  • Xeno-wolfsbane (drugged effect)
  • Xeno-mountain ash (force field, shocks)
  • Rolled up newspapers
  • Dog whistle/loud noises
  • His senses can be blocked or messed with
  • Leashes/collars
  • Dog instincts like “fetch”
  • Not enough phantasmic/Dark Matter energy


  • Bone blaster/bo/blade
  • Grapple leash or whip
  • Tennis bomb
  • Collar cuffs
  • Stink shoes (filled with various gasses)
  • Frizz disc drones
  • Flea Taser
  • Dog whistle comlink and HUD system (DogCom)
  • Fire hydrant jet pack
  • Cold nose ray gun (freeze ray)
  • Dogcar
  • Mutt-cycle
  • Dogfighter jet
  • Doghouse
  • SPOT Artificial Intelligence system–once called WOOF but an update from Brain caused it to become a psychotic killing machine and WOOF had to be reformatted into SPOT
  • Dog bandana (personal environment bubble)
  • Doggy Bag: “magic” storage backpack