The World Of Dogboy Reborn

Megaton City

  • City of a Perfect Future (or at least that’s what the sign says)
  • One million earthlings and roughly 500,000 aliens, sentient robots, and other life-forms working and living together
  • People shop, talk, work, and play through virtual reality thanks to VirtPods and Omni-Cuffs
  • After the UnPlugs caused the nuclear winter of 2018, dome shields were placed around cities to protect them
  • Weather is controlled and disasters are scheduled
  • “Natural” disasters have become a sporting event or a place to bring a date
  • People started creating dare games or gambling games as part of the disaster entertainment

The Doghouse

  • Dogboy’s base of operations
  • Contains all his gadgets, vehicles, and other “Dog Toys”
  • Originally a Sirian outpost but abandoned once they discovered Earth was populated, been on Earth for ages
  • Many of the rooms and compartments have yet to be explored


  • Paranormal And Weirdness Specialists
  • Police force responsible for keeping order among the transbeings

WAG News

  • One of Megaton City’s social media news channels
  • Can be watched daily on their MyVideo channel
  • Owned by Max McGruff

Megaton University


  • Transformed being
  • Any thing with enhanced or special abilities–this includes animal, mineral, and/or vegetable

Law of 2012

  • All transbeings must be registered as Good, Bad, or Neutral before they turn 18

The Grey Area

  • All citizens are required to spend a set amount of time offline in order to exercise, socialize face-to-face, and so on

Magnetic-ion technology

  • Near infinite power supply used in just about everything, anti-gravity features cost extra

Trans-matter terminals/pads

  • Uses the Big Bang (all of existence happening at once) to allow people to travel great distances almost instantaneously
  • Increased security checks with UnPlugs on the loose

VirtPods (Pods or Virtual Pods)

  • Allows a full virtual reality experience


  • Provides access to Internet, limited virtual reality experience, makes phone calls, purchase items, has apps
  • Downloads the information you seek right into your brain, no need for reading
  • Uploads information/commands from your brain, no need to learn how to type or paint, the system will do it for you


  • 3D prints everything from food to buildings
  • Replaced the trans-matter pads for delivery of goods


  • A posting site for videos on the Internet (YouTube in the future)
  • Replaced TV networks and theaters, now all movies, shows, news, and so on are posted by MyVideo users
  • People still do go to the theater and such on their offline time, but the shows are still MyVideo posts


  • All your social media posts in one place (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in the future)

Dome shields

  • Protects the city from weather, meteors, radiation
  • Also blocks “unauthorized” broadcasts from outside the dome

The Wastelands

  • A radioactive barren, desert land with no water or shade
  • Controlled by the UnPlugs
  • Created after the nuclear missile launch of 2018

Travel the stars aboard a cruise shuttle tour. Available trips include:

  • Three hour tour through the asteroid belt
  • Saturn moon-hopping
  • Winter vacation on Pluto
  • Beach day on Mercury
  • Shopping on Venus

Plasma blasters, pistols, rifles, shotguns, daggers, swords, batons, staffs, etc

  • Weapons made of or uses plasma energy
  • Stuns or kills depending on setting
  • Makes neat pew-pew noises

Ion cannon, missiles, rocket launchers, etc

  • Weapons made of or uses ion energy
  • You don’t want to be caught in the crosshairs

Sonic grenades, mines, nets, handcuffs, traps, etc

  • Weapons made of or uses sound waves
  • Stuns or kills depending on setting

Cross Over

The Omniverse and Multiverse