Making that Climb

“Hey, folks, and welcome back to The Overlord Show!” said the host. He pointed to a digital counter above the stage. “We’re making that slow climb to 6.6k subscribers. Once we reach that goal, the world gets a big surprise! One that’ll change the world. But now, we have a brand-new act brought to you by our most recent addition to the mindless slave, I mean, player theater. All the way from Boise, whether they want to be here or not, is the Glayd Brothers.” The host clapped as he walked off stage.

Two young men dressed in overalls that didn’t look like they fit stepped on the stage. The way the brothers, who did not look similar in any way, moved suggested that they’d never worn the overalls. They started to bounce in time to some music.

“Hey, Jeb,” said one.

“Yeah, Sam,” said the other awkwardly turning his head towards his brother.

“Do you know why Farmer Brown was banned from the Farmer’s Market?”

Jeb turned his head towards the audience/camera. It was a jerky movement. “No, I do not know. Why was he?”

“Because his jokes were too corny.”

A comical rift played while the two danced in slow movements. They looked like animated characters that had their pages flipped slowly.

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