Recommended #32

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Why Brandon Routh’s Superman Is Returning – Comic Con 2019 by IGN: I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to seeing the CW Crisis crossover and seeing Brandon Routh play Superman again.

Disney’s The Lion King (2019): Enjoyable movie, but a lot like the original. I felt like I was paying to see the one I already own. I felt like they basically copied and pasted the original. At least in the live-action Aladdin we learn more about Jasmine and Jafar. The Lion King was still a great movie, but you might want to wait for it to be on video.

If Stranger Things was an 80s Anime by Octopie: Looks just like an anime and shows many highlights from the last few seasons.

Five Feet Apart: Kind of slow moving for awhile but still peaks your curiosity. Made me feel for characters but not to the point it was depressing. Nice mix of emotion but not too much that you gagged.

Chupacabra: everything you ever wanted to know and more Monster Myths with Kephen Sting Episode 6 by Kephen Sting

Infinity Train (Cartoon Network on demand preview): Amazing. It had a nice mix of old school and modern animation. The backgrounds were very detailed while the characters were more simple; it was almost like watching a live-action show mixed with animation. The pace was more relaxed than in other Cartoon Network shows. The music and voice acting were great. It felt like I was watching a movie instead of a series.

Is a 1990 Style Live-Action ‘Turtles’ Show w/ 2012 TMNT Voice Cast COMING?! by THE OLD TURTLE DEN: I would totally love to see a live-action TMNT series. They need something to fill the void for older fans.

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