S3:E3 One Use

Joe: I finally replaced my pillow after 6 years. Now, to test it, and there is only one way to test a pillow.

Sally: Pillow fight?

Joe: OK, two.

Danny: Pillow fort?

Joe: OK, three ways.

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S3:E1 Personal Hygiene

Joe: Danny, did you use my toothbrush?

Danny: Yeah.

Joe: Don’t do that.

Danny: Why not?

Joe: There’s a reason it’s called personal hygiene.

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Knockout at the Playground Blacktop

The lunch bell rang signaling high noon, but no one was heading to the cafeteria this day. Everyone brought a shack lunch so they were sure to watch the duel between Jeffery “Sheriff” Bunsen and the fastest towel at West Bayville Elementary School, Jimmy Kidd.

A few of the early arrivals got seats on the swings or the slides, some managed spots on the jungle gym or monkey bars; but for most, it was standing room only. The two took positions opposite of each other as a basketball rolled by.

Jimmy spat his gum into a tissue. “I’ve come a long way for this battle, Sheriff—Miss Lilly’s third grade classroom.”

“Anytime you’re ready,” said Jeffery.

The audience wasn’t too sure who to root for as their eyes darted back and forth. The two slingers twirled their weapons of choice. Jeffery went with the ‘93 beach towel while Jimmy preferred the Smith and McGuire dish towel—he claimed it created a louder snap. Once the towels were ready, the two stared each other down. The crowd went silent. The two duelers twitched waiting for the first to show signs of attack.


The crowd gasped. Who’d won?

The two slingers narrowed their eyes. Finally, Jimmy slowly raised his hand and touched the spot on his chest where Jeffery’s towel made contact. Jimmy gave Jeffery a respectful nod before saying, “Nice shot. Best two out of three?”

Jeffery twirled his towel. “You’re on.”

The crowd let out a cheer.