Recommended #36 | Halloween Edition

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Here are some spooooky recommendations for Halloween. Happy tricks and treats.

I, of course, have to start off with the Halloween anthology book that I have a story in.

Hush: Anthology by Earnest Writes

Now that the shameless self promotion is out of the way, here’s the rest of the list.

Playing SPOOOOOPY Songs In Beat Saber… by Tempex

LUIGI’S MANSION 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – FULL GAME (Nintendo Switch) by GhostRobo

🎃 CARVING the 7 DEADLY SINS on Pumpkins! 👻 *spooky* by Jazza

Slumber Parties Are Witch Gatherings by Let Me Explain Studios

The Lost World | DCEASED #6 Review (FINAL ISSUE, SPOILERS) by Fortress of Solitude

FNAF VR’s DREAD-ful New Game! | Curse of Dreadbear (FNAF VR Help Wanted DLC) by GTLive

Do you have any recommendations? Tell me in the comments.

Until the next wormhole…thanks for reading.

The Herobrine Exists Theory

With the revival of Minecraft, there comes many new videos and theories about the game’s hidden lore. The YouTube channel The Game Theorists is just one of those looking into various theories.

It is pretty obvious that some kind of civilization existed before you (the player) arrived. There are ruined structures, like the temples and the strongholds. And it seems that civilization is trying to start up again, hence the villagers.

With it being October, I plan to tell a ghost story–a Minecraft ghost story. You guess it. It’s a theory about Herobrine. (Not that big of a surprise since it was in the title.)

Supposedly, Herobrine is a mob or something that appears in worlds at random. He is always seen from a distance and vanishes. He looks like the default Steve character, except for glowing eyes. Some believe him to be a ghost or a glitch in the game code. But, maybe, he’s supposed to be there.

Maybe, he’s one of the ancient builders.

Obviously, something happened to the previous builders. What it was is up for debate. The Game Theorists say that the builders accidentally unleashed the Wither; they couldn’t beat it so they had to retreat to strongholds. They then evacuated to the End.

However it happened, the point remains that they had portal technology. They could go to the Nether or to the End. What if there was a lab accident while working on the prototype? And let’s say a guy who looks like Steve is caught in the blast. He is then trapped between worlds, blinking in and out. Maybe Herobrine is just trapped.

Or Herobrine could be something even more. Maybe he knew that their civilization was dying but wanted to warn the next one so he made a time machine, but it malfunctioned and he is phasing in and out of time. Wouldn’t that be something if he was a messenger trying to prevent history from repeating itself?

So next time you hear a story about someone seeing Herobrine, don’t laugh because it just might be some lost soul.

Happy Halloween.

Until the next wormhole…thanks for reading.

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Tricks and Treats

Happy Halloween all you Internet pumpkins. My plans this year involve watching scary movies and eating candy till I puke (which at my age is like one Snickers bar). But, here’s a list of Halloween tricks and treats you might enjoy. Stay safe and have fun.

  • 1. Fang and Claw by @GlennKoerner (an anthology)
  • 2. Tricks No Treats by @Cal1018
  • 3. Trick-or-Treat Man by @SebJenkins & @arielklontz (comes with an alternate ending by each author)
  • 4. The Last Vampire by @JEHallows (ongoing story)
  • 5. A Tale for Halloween by Colin Garrow, free at most online retailers
  • 6. An EVO murder mystery, Minecraft YouTubers Netty Plays, SystemZee, Solidarity, and others are invited to dinner at a mansion
  • 7. “How to Beat Michael Myers” by The Flim Theorists
  • 8. “Pumpkin Girl: An Animated Horror Story” by itsAlexClark
  • 9. “10 Scariest Piston Doors in Minecraft” by Mumbo Jumbo
  • 10. Disney’s Hocus Pocus
  • 11. The Haunting in Connecticut
  • 12. Garfield’s Halloween Adventure
  • 13. And because this is my list, my own collection of scary stories Tails from the Fallen Worlds
  • Fear the Skeeter | COW Oct 19

    Welcome to another “Confessions of a Writer” (or COW for short–FYI, I totally didn’t plan it to work out like that, maybe it should be COAW).

    Halloween continues to inch closer. And then the real horror begins…National Novel Writing Month (but that’s a post for another day). This post is about Halloween and how every year it makes my thoughts weirder than normal. Take this one that woke me up at the Witching Hour this morning.

    I woke up thinking about all the bloodsucking and/or biting creatures of the night. We’ve got vampires, zombies, werewolves, and even more. They all turn you into one of them with their bit or scratch. Suddenly, I became very thankful that mosquitos are not on that list. Could you imagine if that happened? You get bit by a mosquito and you become one! We’d have shows like The Walking Skeeter (though flying could work I suppose). And a half human-half mosquito creature…*shivers.*

    So, what do you think would be the most disturbing thing people could turn into thanks to a bite? What would be the most hilarious? What would be the weirdest? Personally, I think a banana. That’d just be weird if people started to turn into bananas. I’m not sure how a banana would bite someone, but then again there have been killer tomatoes.

    Joe Rover eBooks are available at most online retailers.

    Ghoulish Treats

    Looking for something ghoulish for Halloween? Here are some treats…and some tricks.

    Stampy’s Lovely World: Halloween Special

    Place Race Season 3 Playlist: All Hallow’s Season

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt and HitRecord have some spooky Twitter pics

    Google has a sweet treat of a Google Doodle

    Some video games, like Marvel Heroes Omega have Halloween tricks: new skins, decorations added to Avengers Tower, and buff potions

    Console versions of Minecraft “Mini-Games” (Tumble for instance) has a Halloween map and new levitation potions.

    A Jack The Ripper anthology on Wattpad

    31 Days of Fright–A Halloween Anthology on Wattpad

    Flashes in the Dark by JEHallows on Wattpad

    And, of course, my own Halloween Special 8 Bit Terror

    Thanks goes out to The Daily Post for the writing prompt. They’ve been a lot of help with coming up with ideas for blog posts. Keep up the good work.

    PS: Everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween

    Boo 👻

    Damsel Not in Distress

    I was running for my life.

     I’d been working on a case with the police. A serial killer was on the loose.

     I was getting close. Too close. One final message to police. Sally was in danger.

     When I could I would teleport. It must have looked weird to see someone running down the streets poofing in and out. But I didn’t care, I had to get to Sally’s.


     Sally sat down to have some popcorn. She’d just gotten it the way she liked and had a movie ready to stream. She plopped on the couch and took a sip of her soda. She was about to start the movie when the phone rang. She sighed and tapped her Omni-Cuff. “Hello,” she said, but all she got in response was heavy breathing. “Not funny, Danny.” She hung up.

     She turned back to the holographic projection, the title screen still selected. She was about to give the command to start the movie, but the phone rang again. Once again she answered and could only hear the heavy breathing. “I swear if you’re playing a prank…”

     “Having a nice night, Miss Pine?” said a voice that could freeze water. He then began breathing heavily again.

     “Who is this?”

     “You’re…protector is ruining my fun. I had such fun before the police brought him aboard. Superheroes have a way of ruining everyone’s fun. Now, I’m going to have fun with you.”

     Sally hung up. “Omni-Cuff, trace that call.”

     “Tracing,” said the AI voice. “Call came from inside your home.”

     Sally jumped from the couch and went on alert. She rushed for the drawer that held her weapon. It was gone. The phone rang again but this time it was broadcasted throughout the house. “Ah, ah, ah,” said the voice. “Did you really think I wouldn’t find it?” The line then went dead.

     Then the lights.

     When they came back on the serial killer stood a few feet away from Sally. He wore a poncho and hood. He looked like some kind of twisted modern version of the Grim Reaper. She reached for the dog whistle comm-link to contact me. He waved a disapproving finger at her. “We can’t have any of that. I’ve jammed all signals.”

     The man approached her, slowly. He wanted her to feel every moment of panic and helplessness. He had her turn around so that he could smell her hair. He took a long whiff. “Ahhh…” 

     This is when Sally head-butted him. The blow dazed him. She elbowed him and then took out his legs. He fell, hitting his head. Sally put her foot on his chest. “Guys like you have been coming after me ever since I met Dogboy. Did you really think I was helpless?”

     “Kind of,” he wheezed.

     Sally pushed harder with her foot. “Men.”

     I then came through the door. “Sally!” I stopped. “Never mind.”

     “I told you I could take care of myself.” She pushed down again with her foot causing the killer to cry out again.

     “Apparently,” I said.

    The End

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    Invited For Dinner

        I looked up from the map. “This looks to be the place.”

        Lightning flashed and thunder crackled. Somewhere in the distance we could hear a cackle.

        “You sure about this?” Ryack asked. “It seems sketchy.”

        I rolled up the map. “Eh, it’s OK. It’s Halloween. Someone probably set it up like this.”

        “I thought you said that people dressed up for this Halloween thing,” Aleya said. She gave our costumes a once-over. “What are you supposed to be?”

        I was dressed in a jersey and cap. I also had purple and yellow face paint and a big, foam finger. “I’m a sports fan.” They both looked at me. “If you’d known me before the spell, you’d get how scary this is…to me.”

        “And what are you supposed to be?” Aleya asked Ryack. 

        He wore a T-shirt with an 8-bit video game creature, jeans, and jacket with a symbol on the back that had “Rage Quit” in a circle with a line through it. He also wore a pair of headphones. “I’m a video gamer. This is what I wore when I did game walkthroughs on MyVideo.” He sighed. “999,999 subscribers before the Big Zap. One away from getting the Gold Milk Bottle.” He turned away for a moment. “Excuse me.” He put his hood up. It was kind of odd hearing sobbing with that demonic voice. 

        Ryack had managed to score a cloak and hood that could alter his appearance and voice when he put the hood up. When it was up, his voice and appearance would send chills down your spine. When it was down…well he was a nerd: higher-pitched voice, freckles, unruly ginger hair.

        So far, he and I are the only ones that remember the modern world before the spell that sent us all into this…fantasy world. Aleya does know that a spell was involved but doesn’t remember much about our previous lives.

        “He acts big and tough about everything else,” said Aleya, “but this he get’s upset over.” I just shrugged. “You do realize this is a trap.”

        “How so?” I asked.

        “You don’t find it mildly suspicious that you, the most wanted man in all lands of New Town, have just been invited for dinner?”

        “Quick question,” said Ryack after lowering his hood. “Is New Town a town or a kingdom?”

        “Both,” said Phil, the talking magic wand (before the spell he’d been the pen I’d written many rough drafts with). He floated out from the case on my belt.

        “How is that possible?” I asked.

        “Magic,” Phil said in a mysterious whisper full of wonder. 

        “You don’t know, do you?” I said.

        “Not a clue.” He then returned to the case.

        “So much for an all-knowing wand,” I said.

        “I never said I was all-knowing,” Phil’s muffled voice said.

        “I vote we leave,” said Aleya.

        “Too late.” Ryack pointed.

        The big, wooden door began to creak open. A pale man with a long face stepped out. “Good ev-en-ing.” Lightning chose that moment to flash. “The master has been expecting you. The other hmm, hmm, ‘guests’ have already arrived. Walk this way.” He started to walk away. He then suddenly turned and stuck a finger in my face. “I mean, follow me not imitate my gait.”

        “What are you looking at me for?” I asked.


        The butler brought us to a library. There were tons of books. I noticed that most, if not all were law books.

        “Welcome, one and all,” said our host. “Tonight’s dinner promises to be quite…delicious.” Our host was also pale and had a long, black cape. He also wore a fancy suit, kind of regal one.

        He’d really gone all out on this place. The cobwebs looked real. The bats hanging from the ceiling, fake of course, added to the affair. The windows had shutters so the only light were the candles and torches. The butler had returned to the organ and began playing horribly terrifying music.

        “I am known as the Count,” the host said. “And these are my…associates Johnson, Johnson, and Smith.” Each nodded in turn and looked to be as pale as the Count.

        A servant of some kind brought us drinks. I took a sniff. “Wine?”

        “No,” said the Count said. “I don’t drink…wine.”

        “That’s creepy,” Ryack said to me.

        “How? I don’t drink wine. Do you?”

        Ryack turned red a little. “I’m, uh, not old enough.”

        “Elves never touch the stuff,” said Aleya. “It messes with magic. We prefer tea.”

        “I’m a coffee man, myself,” said the Count. “Well, once upon a time.”

        Before we could get into the whole coffee vs. tea debate, I looked around trying to find a way to change the subject. “Quite the library. Are they all law books?”

        The Count chuckled softly. “Quite the eye, Mr. Maximus. We were lawyers. Quite good ones actually. Our firm never lost a case. Oil spills, scandals, corruption, we handled it all. We once even got the courts to fine some widows and orphans. Ah, those were the days. That is until the Master of Moor Manor cast his spell.”

        This conversation suddenly took a dark turn.

        “We went from being highly respected lawyers to bloodsucking vampires,” said the Count.

        “Not much of a leap,” I muttered. “So you invited us for dinner to help us on our way so that we could defeat the wizard and return the world to its normal order.”

        The Count chuckled again. “No. We didn’t invite you for dinner but as dinner.” As one, the vampire ex-lawyers bared their fangs.

        I pulled out my wand. “Do something!” said Aleya.

        “I’m thinking. I’m thinking. Uh, why do you guys want to kill us if we can end the spell?”

        “We are unholy bloodsucking fiends of the night,” said the Count. “It’s what we do.”

        I stepped back. “I object to this.”

        “Overruled.” The Count then hissed.

        “Just poof them away,” said Ryack.

        “It won’t work,” said Aleya. “Maximus was a storyteller in the other world. His magic is based on storytelling. 

        “Why can’t you do something?” Ryack asked Aleya.

        “My job is to aid the Chosen One. I mean, Maximus. That is where my magic lies.”

        Ryack took a long, annoyed breath. “So how would a storyteller defeat them?”

        “Uh, uh…” I said. My eyes darted around the room. I was coming up empty. “Uh, uh…” I then spotted it. A gavel. “Got it.” I pointed at the gavel and cleared my throat. “‘All rise,’ said the bailiff. ‘The honorable Judge…Fredricks is presiding.’ The jury, audience, and lawyers stood.” The vampires stopped coming towards us and stood still. “‘Bailiff,’ said the judge, ‘What is on the docket for the day?’ ‘Case number 17598B, sir,’ said the bailiff. ‘Tax evasion.’ The judge turned to the defendant’s lawyer, known only as the Count, ‘You’re opening statement.’ The Count turned to face the jury and began…”

        Suddenly we were transported to a court room. The other vampires sat down as the Count faced the jury. “Over the course of the next few days, we will see that my client obeyed all tax laws…”

        He continued as Ryack, Aleya, and I ducked out. We soon found ourselves back in the Count’s manor. After some turns, we finally found our way out.

        “What happens once the trail is over?” Aleya asked. “Do you think he’ll come after us again?”

        I scoffed. “It’s a tax law case. It’ll never end.”

    The End

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