Rescue | Poem

Down, down
into the icy dark.
Crystalline beads on skin form.

Above me, entrance,
and exit,
closed tight.

A crack brought me here
to this watery tomb.
Had I listened to friends and signs,
I might still in sun reside.

The numbness grows,
my sight fades.
The last of air drains away.

Why'd I stray?
Was it to impress new peers?
Or to earn a kiss from Suzie Dear?

The cause is small in the abyss.

I feel my heart slow.
Now, I fear, it's time to...
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Noise and clatter
wake my gray matter.
A room, white and bright;
someone yells, "Fight! Fight!"

Beeping and hissing are far at first.
Is this my fate or a curse?

No, no. Not Judgement Day.
A hospital is where I lay.

Safe and warm, my eyelids close.
Rescued at last, now I doze.

Copyright Joe Rover 2020 

All rights reserved.

Until the next wormhole…thanks for reading.