Number Dependent | Infinity Train

May contain spoilers for Book 2 of Infinity Train

One of the main staples of the Infinity Train show on Cartoon Network is the glowing number on the passenger’s hand. In the show, the number represents the person’s progression. The higher the number the further they are to leaving/solving their problem or shortcoming. As the passenger learns, the number goes down.

While watching the series, I thought that’d be nice if we had numbers in real life. Something to let us know that we are being stupid. Just like in the show, we could also identify creeps/bad people by how high their number is. But, then I realized we’d act similar to the characters in the show. When Jesse has to kick a toad to escape one train car, he keeps checking his number. When he is about to kick it, his number goes up. When he stops, it goes down.

I could see people depending too much on their number. They would do things not because they were the right thing but so they can lower their number. We’d also start consulting the number for every choice. “Should I wear my blue shorts today? Oh, my number went up, so I’ll wear something else.”

So it’s probably a good thing we just have our conscience to tell us when we’re being stupid. If it was something more physical or blunt, we’d pass the blame on to it. “I did it because my number went down.”

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Apex Connection | Infinity Train (Spoilers)

Contains spoilers for Book 2 of Infinity Train.

While watching the last episodes of season 2/book 2 of Infinity Train, I got serious The Matrix vibes. That passenger farm (or tape car) seemed a lot like that place that hooks everyone into the virtual world. When they downloaded the passenger’s memories onto the tape, I started to wonder if The Apex were right. Maybe the passengers weren’t human; maybe they’re clones or robot duplicates. Once I was done shivering from that thought, I started pondering about The Apex.

You meet The Apex in the carnival car but their real story is in the episode “The Mall Car.” The Apex believe that lowering your number is a bad thing; they think that leaving the train is bad. This attitude only reinforced my idea that the train is really downloading people’s memories into machine duplicates. Grace even says to Simon, “We just lost a human, show some respect.”

But, what got me interested is that Grace kept saying, “I read it in a book.” She says she got the Apex name from a book. It made me wonder if some company called Apex created the train. If Apex made the train, it would make sense that The Apex would name themselves after it, since The Apex believe the train belongs to them. I wonder if the book was some kind of manual or journal left behind by the developers.

If my idea is correct then why would they build the train. I think it has something to do with the Wasteland. I went back to The Matrix connection. Maybe there was some kind of disaster and now the train takes people from the past. The train sets up these journeys so that people will become better and hopefully change the future. Maybe Apex created the train, set up the robots to run it, and then the humans died off. Now, there’s a train trying to get people to change their ways.

When MT steals a pod, One-One says that the tape car is the only car were the universe is on the outside of the car. It could mean that the tape car is the reality while the rest of the train is just an illusion. It kind of made me think that the train is just a place for AIs to learn to become human. We see MT, a native of the train, want to become human.

I think I just got another chill.

What did you think of Infinity Train, if you saw it? Do you have any theories? Let me know in the comments below.

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