S2E2: Mission Log: While the Cat’s Away

Shortly after the Doomsday Clock event, Blue Light Technologies took an unexpected vacation. They ordered everyone to take time off; they even closed the Tower.

The vacation started out great until the giant vines and pods started showing up. Apparently, with no one to maintain/control the Creation Orb it went “natural.” It started doing what it was “programed” to do: create worlds. Wild phantasmic energy started to spread creating “magical black forests” across the Omniverse.

Fortunately, it was all part of BLT’s plan. With “magic” running amok, they needed people to take care of it. Enter the woodcutters. They could prune back the magic and get it under control again. This outbreak of magic created a wave of new jobs for people. With the new jobs came a better economy. The outbreak also brought an unprecedented uptick in stories and new characters. Hundreds of people across the Omniverse were called to action as new protagonists and antagonists. This new age also further refueled the Orb creating a time of peace.

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What genre do you write? | Author Q&A

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What genre do you write?
I focus mainly on science fiction and fantasy. My books have a lot of alien invasions, time travel, magic/superpowers, advanced technology, and more.
I enjoy sci-fi because it is as close to magic in the real world as we’ll get to (at least at this time). I enjoy how you can let your mind run wild. There are restrictions but not many. It is hard to have characters go on magical journeys if the story is set in the real world.

I also focus a lot on superhero type stories because I like how 99 percent of the time the story ends happily. Horror stories, for example, rarely have a happy ending or closure; they usually have some kind of ending twist.

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Owl House Chat | Review

The Owl House, on Disney Channel, centers around Luz, a young girl who finds herself in a magical land. She soon meets Eda, a witch, and King, a demon. After some work, Eda agrees to teach Luz magic.

When I saw the first trailer, I thought, “Eh, I don’t think so;” but one day, the full episode of the first episode appeared in my YouTube feed and I thought, “Why not?” While it isn’t my favorite show–probably not in my top 10 but maybe top 25–I did enjoy it. I was interested to see where the story went and looked forward to more episodes.

The show is one of those that I could wait a few weeks and binge the episodes. I’m not in my seat going, “Is it Friday yet?!” But, it is in my To-Watch List. 

img_2674I enjoy the animation. It looks professional and as if the crew cared; it does not look like they are trying to throw something together at the last minute. I like how there is some humor, but it isn’t goofy. I found the you-have-to-be-your-own-chosen-one life lesson a little corny. I also found the just-because-you-are-odd-doesn’t-make-you-a-bad-person lesson a little groan worthy too. The good news is it seems like the episode morals are improving. 

One of the best parts so far is that Luz learned her first spell within the first few episodes. I was worried that she would learn her first spell in episode 20 (if we were lucky). I really worried about how long it’d take her once Eda revealed that doing magic is biological. 

I was hoping that The Owl House team wouldn’t have some series wide mystery. After seeing the first few episodes, it looked like each episode would be semi-self-contained…and then it happened. It is revealed why Eda is called The Owl Lady and that is part of an ongoing series mystery. I do hope they reveal the mystery by the end of the season. They can have a new mystery next season or have a continuation of this mystery.

Finally, I am glad to see that Luz is a strong female character without becoming a tomboy. She speaks her mind and is proud of who she is but doesn’t resort to acting like a warrior woman.

So far the plot seems semi-original. I’ve seen many stories where the main character finds a magical land, but The Owl House does an excellent job of flipping that trope. 4.3/5

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Fort 51 | Wizard of New Town Side Quest

This Area 51 raid trend offers so many ideas.

Max stared deeply into the clothing store window display. He debated on if he should use the magic dust on a new outfit or not. His current clothes, his soccer jersey from the present, was starting to…well, smell. He’d worn it ever since he’d been transported from the modern age to this magical Dark Ages. 

Maybe I’ll fit in more, he thought.  The I’m-a-wizard-so-I-can-dress-funny excuse won’t hold forever. He glanced over at Aleya, who was busy bartering for some food. She brushed away some of her long, black hair revealing her pointed elf ears.  Women don’t like a man who smells like rotting fish.

Suddenly, Ryan slapped Max on the back. “I got us a lead on a bounty. Two hundred pounds of magic dust to capture Rickets Ron.”

“How’d he get that name?”

“You don’t want to know.”

Aleya returned from her food bartering mission. She reached over with her soft, lightly tanned hands to offer Max what looked like a piece of watermelon when a young man in page’s clothing interrupted by pulling out a scroll. 

“Hear ye, hear ye!” he shouted. “The lord, MadSkillz, has grown tired of the elves keeping secrets within Fort 51. Anyone wishing to join him on his mission to raid Fort 51 and see ‘them scientists’ need to meet him at Sa’ry in three weeks. And please, message fairy him an RSVP.”

Someone from the crowd laughed. “Ha! Scientists? Everyone knows scientists don’t exist!”

Another person chimed in, “And I don’t feel like getting tarred and feathered by the elf knights who protect the place.”

The crowed began to break up, muttering and scoffing as they did. Max started to leave but stopped when he saw that Ryan and Aleya hadn’t moved.

“What do you think they keep at Fort 51?” Ryan asked the elf princess. If anyone knew, you’d think it’d be her. “I’ve heard that’s where they keep the strange stuff.”

“Strange stuff?” said Max. “We just stopped a dirt path from swallowing a traveler because he threw a piece of trash on the ground. Talk about road rage.”

Ryan shrugged. “OK. The stranger stuff.”

“I hear that they keep a creature that’ll wash clothes in exchange for small discs of metal,” said Aleya. 

Max and Ryan glanced at each other then back at Aleya. “You mean a washing machine?” said Ryan. Like Max, Ryan came from the modern world, but he’d been transported months–maybe longer–before Max.

Aleya pondered what Ryan said for a moment. “Neve heard of a ‘washing machine,’ but I have heard rumors that Fort 51 has a knife that can slice open small metal food containers. It makes this buzzzz noise as it attacks.” 

“That would be a can opener,” said Ryan, trying to hide a smile. “It’s from our world as well.”

Aleya’s anime-like eyes sparkled. “The Old World had such wonderful things. I hope once we end the spell, I can see these can openers.”

Ryan tapped his finger near his freckles. “Maybe you can see one sooner. We could join the Fort Raiders.”

Max laughed dryly. “No. We have enough trouble as it is without angering the elf knights.”

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