Happy Hindsight

With everyone making jokes about 2020 and hindsight, I thought about how weird it’d be if everyone experienced hindsight–that everyone had a vision of what was going to happen next year. When the ball fell (or whatever you do at New Year’s Eve), people saw what was going to happen from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 (assuming we didn’t have information overload).

First, it reminded me of that show awhile back that I can’t remember the name of (it was like Flashback or Flashforward or something like that). Anyway, everyone passes out and experiences six months into the future. The show then focuses on the consequences: some try to stop the future, some try to figure out what happened, some believe there is no way to fight the future so why bother.

I could see a similar fallout if out of nowhere people saw the next year. There would be people who decide they want to change what they saw, and that change would change other people’s futures. There would be those who’d believe that the future is set and become depressed or go wild saying that there are no consequences. There’d be those who try to figure out what happened. I could see groups starting up: one that tries to prevent future events and another trying to make sure that they happen.

It’s kind of like that question of if you could know the day of your death would you want to. At first, I thought it’d be nice to know how the next year would work out, but then I thought about it and realized…NOPE.

But, I do wonder how long it’ll be before there is a movie or TV show that has this hindsight plot. Maybe it isn’t everyone who sees the future, maybe it’s just one or a few people.

Guess we’ll just have to wait.

Any plans for New Year’s Eve? Do you have any resolutions? Let me know in the comments below.

Until the next wormhole…happy new year and thanks for reading.

Misadventures: The Vision Board

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A recent blog post (recent to me at least) by Specscladeyes talks about how to make a vision board. Sounded pretty interesting to me. I’d heard of vision boards before but mostly just passed them by. For the first few minutes, I thought they were the same thing as a mind map.

My first problem was the quote for the year. I’m terrible at finding good quotes. So, I planned to search for “quotes.” I’d only gotten the first few letters in before the predictive search showed “quotes for vision board.” Who knew.

My search brought up a lot of Pinterest sites. There was even an Etsy link where you could buy quotes and kits. Bizarre. But, for those lazy and cheap people–namely me–there were the images. You can also just search for “quotes.” If you’re on Google, it’ll list famous people that you can then click on and get more information about them, including–you guessed it–quotes. Personally, I liked the Albert Einstein quotes. “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” But, I’m not sure how much help that is for a vision board; unless your goal is to become a better/successful YouTube tutorial person.

Next problem was how to make the board. The process is quite simple; it’s like doing a collage. My problem was the fact I have no room for things like a vision board. I’d have to do it digitally/virtually. Specscladeyes suggests Pinterest, but I didn’t want it to be on the Internet. A search for “vision board app” brought up a few apps that can help. Some were free, others not so much. It was about this time, I realized I could use the image editor software that I already had, such as Photoshop or the ProCreate app. The Adobe Spark Post app even has collage layouts. I just needed the pictures.

Getting pictures was no problem at all. There are thousands of sites. I was about to search for my first picture when I realized something important: I hadn’t listed my goals. Kind of hard to find pictures when you don’t know what you’re looking for.

*trombone plays wha-wha-whaaa music*

Okay, goal 1: Make goals.

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