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Building your fictional world can be daunting. You have to decide on rules–whether magic, science, or other. You got to decide on the look and feel: ancient or modern times, dark, comical, etc.

One thing that can help you on your journey is to look at objects, events, services, or traditions already in place in the real world and ask how it would work in your fictional world. This tip also works well for coming up with ideas for writing warm-ups/exercises.

For instance, lost and found services. Is there a high-tech drone that collects lost items? Is there an organization of wizards who donate their time to finding lost objects? Is there a grand conspiracy involving people who purposefully steal objects so that they become lost?

Another example: wall posters

Do people hang posters still? Have posters been invented? If not, do they have a poster prototype like an alter to worship a celebrity? Are the posters futuristic holograms? Are they somehow portals to other worlds?

It’s the small details, such as how the inhabitants deal with trash collection, that can make a world come to life and possibly create potential stories.

This post is based on opinion and personal experience; it is not to be taken as professional advice.

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