Just a Random Thought

Recently, I’ve noticed a pattern in the new Spider-Man movies: the titles. Spider-Man Homecoming. Spider-Man Far From Home. What’s the third Spidey movie going to be? Spider-Man Homeslice?

I could just see that one. Peter goes up to Tony and says, “Yo OS is so outdated even Captain America can use it.”

Anyway, sometimes I think about how different books or movies would be if they came out at a different time.

One of my favorites to ponder about is the Encyclopedia Brown series. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s about a boy who reads a lot and is very smart so he becomes a detective. To his friends he is like a walking encyclopedia.

So, I begin to wonder what the series would be like if it’d been created now. Would he be called Wikipedia Brown? Or would it be Google Brown? Would his friends be like, “No thanks, EB, we don’t need your help. OK Google, how can I prove Bugs Meany stole my bike?”

I then start thinking about some classic books, like The Time Machine.

When asked where the Time Traveler got his machine, instead of saying, “I built it,” would he say, “I got it on Amazon”?

And what about Around the World in 80 Days?

When Phileas Fogg says he’ll make it around the world in 80 days do the club members say, “We can do that in 80 hours with our private jets.” Or would it be, “Travel around the world? Ha, email can do that.”

How do you picture some older books or movies if they were created now?

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Grind Work

After watching YouTuber Grian’s video of him making a Matrix room in Minecraft, it got me thinking. In the video Grian talks about the hours it took him to set up a flat, white area in order to make the white map image for the room. So, I wondered what would it be like if people, like Minecraft YouTubers, contracted out others to do their grinding work. They hire someone to come on and do the mining and the level grinding.

Wouldn’t that be a weird thing to see on a resume? “I have six months experience as a Minecraft Grinder.” Or what about the job ad. “Wanted: Minecraft Grinder capable of mining diamonds and iron. Must be able to slay mobs for XP.” And just image what it’d be like if it was something taught in college. “Welcome to Grinding 101.” And what about the degree they woul–


Hello Old Friend.

Who is this?

You don’t recognize me? Well, I can’t say I’m not surprised; it’s been awhile. We were only, what was it…eight or ten when it all happened.

When what happened?

Doesn’t matter. That is the past, as THEY say. What matters is the future. Because of our old friendship, I’m giving you a warning. 

We’re coming.

Who’s coming? Jackal! Is that you?



End of transmission.

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