No Badniks Allowed | Sonic the Hedgehog Review (Spoilers)

Well…it’s here. The genie is out of the bottle. The Sonic the Hedgehog movie has arrived. After controversy and redesigns (we’re not going to talk about that other image), the movie is out for all to see.

I was a little more than worried about the new movie. Game-to-movie adaptions rarely work out well. The original design didn’t help Sonic’s case. From the first trailer, the movie looked like it was a buddy cop/road trip type movie than a superhero hedgehog movie.

But, I was willing to give it a try. I didn’t want to judge it too harshly before I saw it. Sonic is one of my favorite video game characters right next to Mega Man and Kirby. I really wanted to see it succeed. If it did, maybe there’d be more–like a Kirby or Mega Man movie.

So, I was a bit nervous setting in the theater waiting for the movie to begin. Luckily, I wasn’t nervous long.

While the character’s personalities were close to how they normally act, they were a little over-the-top. 

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Robotnik is usually a goof, but at times this version was too much. Sonic was a bit confident, but it was more of a fake confidence from not having any social interaction.

As for the design of Sonic, it was pretty good. He still had that furry look to him, but it was much, much better. He looked more like Sonic than some kind of diseased creature that needed to be put down.

The humor was great. I really liked the banter between Tom and Robotnik; the war of words seemed authentic and flowed well. It didn’t seem forced or rehearsed. 

img_2674One of the best parts about this Sonic is that he seemed to be there. He seemed to have weight and speed. It was a little cartoony at times; I could still tell he was CGI, but it was a lot better than other CGI characters. Also, Sonic’s cartoon look just made his CGI appearance look more real. Any odd moments could be explained by the fact he is a cartoon character.

I enjoyed the nods to other Sonic versions, such as him tapping his foot impatiently or playing pranks at super-speed. He would also outsmart foes/turn their own attack on them. Also, when Robotnik is fixing his circuit breaker, you can see a label that says “Badniks.” 

When they announced that the character would be redesigned, I was worried that the final movie would seem rushed. It wasn’t it. It did not seem like it was thrown together in a panic. The actors and crew seemed to care about the movie and enjoy making it.

Of course, the best part was the credits scene with a special Sonic character–my favorite character. The credit scene set up another movie, and I’m hoping there will be one.

While it wasn’t everything I hoped for, it was better than I thought it’d be. I left the theater laughing and I couldn’t stop talking about it. I wanted to see it again the next day. 4.4/5

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Rapid Reviews #1

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The Intruder: Kind of slow moving, but the creepy factor made it very interesting. At one point, you start wondering if the husband was the real villain.

UglyDolls: A good kids movie. There was a lot of singing; if you’re not a fan of musicals or lots of singing, you probably wouldn’t like this movie. I did like the message that they were trying to teach.

MAD Magazine #8: Contains your usual amount of jokes and crude humor. I enjoyed the short stories/articles. I felt like they did a good job of making fun of politics without it being on every page. They would make fun of superheroes then move on to politics and then make fun of vacations. I felt like I didn’t know what I was going to get next. Except for the little subscription cards that kept falling out–those I expected.

Nickelodeon’s Super Brawl Universe (mobile game): Has some bugs to be taken care of, such as sometimes it won’t respond to a tap. I like how you are able to pay for most things through slime. I didn’t feel forced into purchases. The matchmaking system seemed fair. The fights felt a little challenging but not frustrating. I enjoyed how the 1-v-1 fights don’t require energy. Also, the energy refills pretty fast.

“Let’s Meet Sonic” (OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes crossover event): So many Sonic the Hedgehog references! The episode didn’t feel rushed and the animation was smooth. It didn’t feel like they were trying to cram in a bunch of jokes or plot points into a small amount of time. I enjoyed that Tails actually had a part to play and wasn’t just standing there while Sonic did everything. You get to see a lot of character development in a short period of time. It also ends with the “Sonic Sez/Says” segment from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, so wins all around.

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Gotta Prank Fast

After watching the IGN video “The Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Sounds Like Fanfiction – IGN Now,” it got me thinking about all the hate the Sonic movie has been getting. After a couple chili dogs, I came up with the theory that the movie developers are pranking us.

They are purposely releasing bad images and bad previews in order to punk everyone. It makes sense. Sonic is a wise-cracking hedgehog; it would make sense to have “him” prank us. Also, look at all the publicity the movie has gotten. People are chatting all over the place about the movie. It’s on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and so on. Pretty much everyone knows about the movie; and if they reveal that all this time it was a joke and the real movie is actually good, people will be talking about it even more.

The movie crew isn’t stupid (I hope). I’m sure they know about all the negative comments and reviews. Why aren’t they just scraping the project or even saying, “Maybe we should rethink this”?

Look at the stuff they have revealed. To me, it seems like they are revealing things but only to a point. It is like they are holding back, but not in a “we don’t want to spoil the movie” sort of way.

In the IGN video they go over the scenes revealed at a recent panel. The scenes sound fragmented and not thought out, almost as if they were half done–much like someone would half do a video or post in order to prank someone. They don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on something that won’t even be in the movie.

IGN goes on to state how during the Sonic preview, Jim Carrey, as Dr. Robotnik, comes on stage to show a preview of the Robotnik movie…as a prank.

I am really hoping that when the film crew finally releases a trailer it shows a few seconds of a bad trailer than cuts to black only to have a really well done CGI Sonic appear and laugh at the camera and say, “I got ya! Tails, roll the real trailer.” And then we get a really awesome trailer. *crosses fingers*

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