Strange Dreams are Made of These

This is what happens when you mix reading The Last Smile in Sunder City by Luke Arnold, a Marvel movie, and an ear infection.

The following contains some spoilers for the book by Luke Arnold.

It was a very strange dream. I dreamt that I was part of the human army in Luke Arnold’s book, but we were all brainwashed and put into Ultron-Sentinel hybrid robot armor/bodies. Instead of fighting magical creatures like in the book, we had to fight superhumans like the X-Men, the Avengers, Batman, the Ninja Turtles, the Ghostbusters, and others.

At one point my Sentinel helmet was destroyed by one of the heroes which exposed my face. At this point, I started to wake from the brainwashing and realize how stupid it was for the “monster hunters” to make anything with pieces from Ultron; he could remain inside those pieces, which is what he did; and near the end of the dream, Ultron activated his plan and started to put the hybrid-human-controlled robots under his control. 

It was then that I thought, “Not another Ultron taking over the world plot. Groan,” and I woke up.

Until next wormhole…thanks for reading.

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What Makes a Good TMNT Movie

In a couple of videos by The Old Turtle Den, they talked about the new Ninja Turtle reboot movie. They asked what we’d like to see from it. Do we want an origin story or a story involving experienced Ninja Turtles? The question got me thinking about why I like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the first place.

When I was younger and watched the original TMNT, I wanted them to have superpowers or dive into the mystic/paranormal. But as time went on and I saw other action-adventure fantasy shows, I did not want the Turtles to have mystic abilities. I liked the fact that they battled big threats with swords and staffs.

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They were ninjas; it didn’t make sense for them to have advanced weapons. It gave the show a feeling of “with teamwork you could do anything.” You didn’t need to rely on superpowers or awesome machines to reach your goals.

I do think the Turtles should be stronger, faster, and more durable than normal humans–they are mutants–but not to the extent seen in the Michael Bay films where they were bulletproof and could throw around shipping containers. The Turtles should more dependent on their ninja skills/intelligence with the mutant side being more of an explanation as to why they can survive fights (or why turtles can move that fast).

Personally, I like that Splinter was human then become a rat. First, it helps explain the rules of the mutagen (i.e. you mix with the last animal you were in contact with–man mixed with rats or turtles mixed with man). Second, Hamoto Yoshi was in exile…for different reasons depending on the version. He is than further exiled by becoming a rat. It just added depth to the character–not only is he an outsider coming from Japan, but now he’s an animal most people think of as disgusting. It reinforces the theme of being different, not being able to be part of humanity. Splinter and the Turtles have to remain hidden not because they’re ninjas, but because they’re strange beings.

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Finally, I enjoy how the Turtles’ weapons reflect their personalities. 

Leonardo is the leader (in most versions). When we think of swords/katanas, we think of discipline and elegance or agility.

The sword is usually the first older (or low-tech) weapon people think of–it is the leader. 

Raphael has the sai. He has to get in close in order to attack (or he can throw a sai). Raphael is the brawler Turtle with a temper. He prefers to attack at very close range.

Donatello is smart and inventive. He would rather spend his time creating. It makes sense that he would attack from a distance, even further than the other Turtles. Raph’s sai can be thrown, but what good is it then; this is an intimidation technique. Donnie’s staff can be used from a distance and remain effective. Donnie is a thinker, not a fighter. I also find it ironic that the group’s inventor would have “a stick” as his weapon. This goes further into Donnie’s personality as an inventor who’s inventions sometimes don’t work out as planned; he’s smart but at times can still be silly or inexperienced. 

Michelangelo is the party dude, and the nunchaku seemed to be seen by as flashy or showy (yet still deadly). They seem to be the weapon people make the most jokes about, such as someone hitting themselves with the nunchaku. Also, people seem to think of the nunchaku as the simplest weapon or easiest to learn when in fact they are more complex. The audience, as well as the other Turtles, see Mikey as the youngest or least complex of the characters; he’s the pizza-loving, surfer dude, but maybe there’s more to him. There have been times when he’s proven to be knowledgeable with it comes to paranormal events, or when it comes time to think outside of the box.

While I prefer a non-origin story for the reboot, I hope the creators keep to the heart of the Ninja Turtles…a little serious but also not so much. They are ninjas and ninjas are assassins, but they’re also teenagers and mutant turtles. You just got to love the juxtaposition of silent, skillful ninjas and not so quiet teens.

What are your thoughts on the TMNT reboot? Who’s your favorite character, hero or otherwise? Let me know in the comments section.

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Who is The Last Ronin? | TMNT Theory

While watching an update video by THE OLD TURTLE DEN about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comic event The Last Ronin, I spotted something.

In the story, only one Turtle survives some kind of an attack. But, it doesn’t state which Turtle.


This ambiguity about the ronin’s identity is further shown in an Instagram post by the_turtles_lair. They claim the creators of the The Last Ronin commissioned the drawing of one Turtle using all four weapons making it hard to know which one. I don’t know for sure how authentic the commission is, but it still shows people’s interest in the ronin’s identity.

During the video by THE OLD TURTLE DEN, I noticed that the ronin is seen with Leo’s swords, Donnie’s staff, and Raph’s sai. Mikey’s nunchaku were probably there, but I didn’t see them. However, it got me thinking that maybe the ronin is Mikey. 

He could be carrying the weapons of the others in order to honor them. If he was, there would be no reason for him to bring his own since he is alive. Plus, Mikey is the goof-off and youngest; he might be carrying them in order to be like the others. Leo’s the disciplined leader, Donnie’s smart, and Raph is the muscle/fighter/protector. You can see from the samples in the video that the ronin comes across with Raph’s typical gruff personality.

Mikey is the party dude. He’d always had the other Turtles or their allies to fall back on–he could be the goof-off–but now that they are gone, he sees that his surfer-dude philosophy isn’t beneficial. He has to step-up and mature, but he isn’t sure how so he imitates the others.

There could also be some survivor’s guilt, especially if his goofing off is what got everyone killed in the first place. He wouldn’t want to be the party dude anymore.

(Or it could be some new Turtle we’ve never seen before and they are just honoring the Turtles by using their weapons.)

Personally, I hope the ronin is Mikey because I think it’d be a great way to explore his character. He is always portrayed as the party dude so let’s see how he reacts to being alone: having to be the leader, having to be cunning, having to deal with loss and anger. 

Also, I’m tired of Raph seemingly always being the lead character. Just like DC seems to focus on Batman and Marvel focuses on Spider-Man and Wolverine is the lead in X-Men movies and events, I feel like they focus too much on Raph. There are three other Turtles with their own personalities and stories. I think they’d make interesting stories if put into different situations.

What are your theories? Who do you think is the ronin? Let me know in the comments below.

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Disney and Pixar Onward | Rapid Reviews (Spoilers)

Disney and Pixar’s Onward: Great movie. I laughed and cried. It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited for a Pixar movie. I enjoyed the characters and the plot. The whole “teen embarrassed by a family member” thing was a bit cliche; but as a whole, I enjoyed the experience. My personal hype for it paid off–usually the expectations I place on it don’t match up, but this time they did.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Season 7: So far, I’ve felt like the series never ended. It doesn’t seem like there was a gap in new episodes. Usually, when they have a restart of a show years later, they try to modernize it and it fails. So far, it seems like the producers are keeping it in tune with the old seasons. I also like the Bad Batch, who remind me of the Ninja Turtles. You got your tech guy, your disciplined leader, the tough guy, and the comic relief. Though with the Bad Batch, it seems like the one you’d think would be more like Raphael, Wrecker, is more like Michelangelo. It is actually Crosshairs that is more like Raphael, go figure.

Ninja Turtles UK Insurance Commercial REACTION/BREAKDOWN by THE OLD TURTLE DEN: I’m glad THE OLD TURTLE DEN showed the whole commercial without reacting before going back through with his reaction. In other videos by the same person, they would show the clip/video but keep pausing it to discuss what they saw. It made it difficult for me to follow and made the video seem longer. I’m glad to see that they can change; it makes me want to continue watching their videos; it shows they listen to their audience. As for the commercial, the CGI Donatello looks amazing. There are times when you can tell it isn’t as good, but it is only a minute long commercial and not a movie or series. The part I liked is that you can tell Direct Line cared about the property they were using. They didn’t just slap something together and go, “People will watch it because it has a Ninja Turtle in it.” I could tell they worked hard and spent a lot of time and money on it.

Direct Line

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TMNT Throwback Thursday

I was listening to some music from Spotify while exercising and it began playing the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song. It reminded me how when I was younger I thought they said, “When the evil Shredder of Tex,” instead of “When the evil Shredder attacks.” For a long time I wondered why the Ninja Turtles had such a problem with Texans.

This was almost as bad as when I thought the underworld door in The Real Ghostbusters animated series was saying, “Do not open until Tuesday,” instead of “Do not open until Doomsday.” I was terrified of Tuesdays for a long time.

Ah, youth, so many fond memories.

Until the next wormhole…thanks for reading.

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Recommended #32

The following are my opinion and do not reflect the opinion of any organization or person.

Why Brandon Routh’s Superman Is Returning – Comic Con 2019 by IGN: I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to seeing the CW Crisis crossover and seeing Brandon Routh play Superman again.

Disney’s The Lion King (2019): Enjoyable movie, but a lot like the original. I felt like I was paying to see the one I already own. I felt like they basically copied and pasted the original. At least in the live-action Aladdin we learn more about Jasmine and Jafar. The Lion King was still a great movie, but you might want to wait for it to be on video.

If Stranger Things was an 80s Anime by Octopie: Looks just like an anime and shows many highlights from the last few seasons.

Five Feet Apart: Kind of slow moving for awhile but still peaks your curiosity. Made me feel for characters but not to the point it was depressing. Nice mix of emotion but not too much that you gagged.

Chupacabra: everything you ever wanted to know and more Monster Myths with Kephen Sting Episode 6 by Kephen Sting

Infinity Train (Cartoon Network on demand preview): Amazing. It had a nice mix of old school and modern animation. The backgrounds were very detailed while the characters were more simple; it was almost like watching a live-action show mixed with animation. The pace was more relaxed than in other Cartoon Network shows. The music and voice acting were great. It felt like I was watching a movie instead of a series.

Is a 1990 Style Live-Action ‘Turtles’ Show w/ 2012 TMNT Voice Cast COMING?! by THE OLD TURTLE DEN: I would totally love to see a live-action TMNT series. They need something to fill the void for older fans.

Do you have any recommendations? Tell me in the comments.

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Injustice 2 Adds Some Turtle Power

All reviews are my personal opinion and do not reflect the views of any person or organization.

Here be Spoilers. Enter at your own risk.

Recently Injustice 2 added their newest DLC. This time it was the lean, green, fighting machines known as the TMNT (or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and all I can say is “Cowabunga!”

The character models reflected the classic look of the Turtles while having a slight modern look which made them look like live-action cartoon characters. And the programmers did an excellent job of incorporating the Turtles teamwork and humor. NetherRealm also did a great job with the taunts and on-liners; they sounded and acted just like the Turtles do in comics and various series. The Ninja Turtles will high-five each other, eat pizza, and more.

It did take me a while to figure out how to switch between characters. Other Injustice 2 characters are single characters, not a team, so there was no previous experience to fall back on. It took me about 20 minutes going through just about every option and list to figure it out. I also took to the Internet trying to see if someone had a video or comment about it. I finally figured out that I had to change out their weapons in the gear/character customization section.

I liked how each character had one move that was theirs, such as Mikey spinning on his shell or Leo slicing through the foe. Also, each character had a different throw animation. For instance, Mikey would whack the foe with his skateboard or another Turtle would appear and Raphael would shove the opponent into the waiting brother’s shell causing the foe to bounce off it.

I would have preferred if the TMNT had more offensive moves. I felt like most of the moves were defensive, like the turtling move. This was especially true with Raph where it seemed like all his moves were defensive; it seemed kind of weird that the most aggressive Turtle had the most defensive moves. But my favorite move was the shellocopter, which upgrades to the shell slide. This move is a great way to get across the arena for an attack or a retreat.

While I really enjoyed that each TMNT member got their own character move and each one fits their personality really well, I felt that Donnie and Raph got the short stick.

Donnie throws down a device that basically acts like a vacuum mine that pulls the opponent towards it. It does make up for this…”awkwardness” by also having an electric/stun attack. The gadget doesn’t harm the foe but does give Donnie some breathing room.

Raph’s character move is a series of combo attacks which are more powerful the more pumped/amped up he is. The trouble is you have to pump him up. You have to time the pumping up just right as it leaves him vulnerable for a second.

But, I think my favorite character move has to be Leo’s. He can call in the Turtles for help; I just really like the teamwork idea and wish that NetherRealms would do it with other characters (but not as a character switch/tag team battle); for example, Batman teaming up with the Bat-Family. You could play as Batman, Batgirl, or another character and certain attacks would have certain team attack animations. Or they could add other teams, like the Power Rangers.

My one problem with Leo’s move is that it is almost too powerful. You get three Turtles to call in with individual meters that recharge quickly. I found myself spamming the character move because I could call in Mikey, Raph, and then Donnie and by the time Donnie was done, Michelangelo was recharged and I could repeat the process.

To be honest I was about to trade in my copy of Injustice 2 but then they announced TMNT coming and I thought, “Nope, I’m keeping the game,” and the Turtles did not disappoint. I’m now looking over my schedule to find some more “Turtle Time.”