Fun Fact: Furryland (2)

Before settling on “Live the Adventure” as Furryland’s motto/tagline, the employees went through many ideas. Some of the scrapped ideas include:

  • “The least dangerous location in the Omniverse.”
  • “Our rides only look dangerous.”
  • “Phantasmic fun for the whole family.”
  • “We’re less evil than the other guys.”
  • “We’re not a monopoly!”
  • “Once you’re here you’ll never want to leave. And that’s not because we are located in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.”
  • “We only tried world domination once.”

Fun Fact: Furryland (1)

Fun Fact: Furryland, since it stands for Fantastic Ultra-Real Rides Yahoo, was originally written as FURRYland. This idea was quickly scrapped as workers realized what a pain it was to write it in that style. Also, it looks weird.

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