Ghoulish Treats

Looking for something ghoulish for Halloween? Here are some treats…and some tricks.

Stampy’s Lovely World: Halloween Special

Place Race Season 3 Playlist: All Hallow’s Season

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and HitRecord have some spooky Twitter pics

Google has a sweet treat of a Google Doodle

Some video games, like Marvel Heroes Omega have Halloween tricks: new skins, decorations added to Avengers Tower, and buff potions

Console versions of Minecraft “Mini-Games” (Tumble for instance) has a Halloween map and new levitation potions.

A Jack The Ripper anthology on Wattpad

31 Days of Fright–A Halloween Anthology on Wattpad

Flashes in the Dark by JEHallows on Wattpad

And, of course, my own Halloween Special 8 Bit Terror

Thanks goes out to The Daily Post for the writing prompt. They’ve been a lot of help with coming up with ideas for blog posts. Keep up the good work.

PS: Everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween

Boo 👻