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A recent Fortnite news video by TheLlamaSir, talked about the upcoming events Epic Games will be adding to Fortnite. Unfortunately, I missed the fishing event. But, the interesting part (aside from the new skins) was the message “winter is near” from Epic Games. This, of course, made me think of the “winter is coming” catchphrase and memes from the Game of Thrones series. I was wondering if this was some kind of hint from Epic Games that there would be a GOT crossover. Who wouldn’t want a white walker skin or a direwolf back bling?

But then I realized how unlikely this was. Normally, when Fortnite does a crossover it is with an event that is happening at that time. They didn’t have the John Wick crossover five weeks after the movie came out. A crossover could be possible if the new GOT series is starting soon. Hmmm…

Over the weekend, I watched the Dora and the Lost City of Gold movie thanks to credits from Vudu for watching their free videos (not sponsored, just an FYI that Vudu will do promotions where if you watch a certain selection of movies you can get credits to use on rentals or purchases). I was moderately surprised to learn it wasn’t all that bad. I never watched Dora the Explorer because I was too old for it, but I knew enough from advertisements and listening to people who had kids that watched it.

I liked that they seemed to realize the people who grew up watching Dora were now, well, grown up. The audience now wanted more than, “Can you find the red barn?” They were teens and watched to see action and adventure, but they still wanted some bits of nostalgia. The crew did an excellent job of walking that line between updating the character for the older audience while not trampling it.

Hope you enjoyed this small chat.

Until the next wormhole…thanks for reading.

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New WordPress Editor|Review

When I first saw the message about the new WordPress editor, I was like, “AwwWWSOME!!” I was really looking forward to the idea of blocks. I felt like with the introduction of blocks, my website would “level up.”

After using the new editor (still in beta), I am really enjoying it. They make the site look more professional and make it easier to move objects around. I really like the introduction to the reusable blocks. Now, I don’t have to keep re-writing and re-copying sections that are always in my posts, such as links to my eBooks.

My problem with the reusable blocks is that when I use them, they don’t show up on the page once I publish the page. I had to convert the block back into a normal block then it would show up. I don’t know if this is intentional; but if it is, it isn’t very user-friendly. If it is intentional that you need to convert the block before it’ll appear then there needs to be a message/tutorial; I don’t know how many people would figure out the conversion process on their own.

I really enjoy the new preview setting. It shows me exactly what the page will look like and allows me to test out the links. Before the new editor, sometimes the preview would show me the page…sometimes it wouldn’t. And most of the time I couldn’t test out the links.

But, while on the topic of links, I am NOT a fan of the new link system. It takes me multiple tries before the link will be added. I finally figured out I had to put the link in the small bar that appeared in order to get it to add the link the first time. If I go into the link settings dialogue box and enter the URL into the text box there and click “Update,” it won’t work. Also if I want the link to open in a new window, I have to enter the link into the small bar that first comes up, then go to settings, click “Open in New Window,” click update, then reselect the text/link, go to settings, check to see if the checkmark is in the “Open in New Window” box–if it isn’t (which it usually isn’t), I have to click the box again, close the settings box, reselect the text, and check it again. Usually the second time, it still isn’t checked and I have to do it again.

If I want to link to a page or post I’ve already made, I have to go into the settings dialogue box, choose the page or post I want, copy the link that appears in the text box, exit settings, select the text, and paste the link into the small text box that first appears.

So, the link system definitely needs to be fixed.

But, I am grateful for the new button blocks. It’s really nice to be able to make buttons. This way instead of always having text saying, “Buy my book” or “Here’s the link,” I can add a button. It helps break up the repetitive information.

I am, however, not a fan of the lists block. It is a bit annoying having to switch from a paragraph block to a list block in order to make something like an outline or a series of lists. But, I think I’ll get use to it. It’s annoying for now, but I can see the potential. It is nice to be able to move the lists around without having to copy-paste or restart.

I really like the “recent blog posts” block. This is great to have on your homepage so that visitors can get a sample of your blog. It also works for an “updates” or “news” section. But, when I posted a new blog entry, it didn’t update…in fact, it erased all of the recent post links. Now, it says, “Recent posts” and it is empty. It makes it look like I never have blog posts and the large white space makes the website look bad.

And while I’m on blog posts, I scheduled a post to be published later, but it published it right away. I set it for 3:30 pm and it published immediately.

All in all, even with the editor’s quirks, I am glad WordPress is improving their editor. I think it’ll really help with making better and better websites and blog entries. I think this new editor will make people’s lives a little bit easier…once all the bugs are worked out. I understand that the editor is in beta so there are bound to be problems. I’m really hoping that WordPress continues to work on their editor. And I’m really hoping one day we’ll be able to move the blocks in more directions than up and down; I’d like to see it where you could have one block next to another, like have a list block next to an image block (there is a inline image block that allows you to have an image next to text, but it’d be great to have images next to text or buttons next to text or tables and so on).

Normally, this is when I would give some kind of rating; but since the editor is in beta, I’ll skip it for now.

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