Fun Fact: Furryland (2)

Before settling on “Live the Adventure” as Furryland’s motto/tagline, the employees went through many ideas. Some of the scrapped ideas include:

  • “The least dangerous location in the Omniverse.”
  • “Our rides only look dangerous.”
  • “Phantasmic fun for the whole family.”
  • “We’re less evil than the other guys.”
  • “We’re not a monopoly!”
  • “Once you’re here you’ll never want to leave. And that’s not because we are located in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.”
  • “We only tried world domination once.”

Fun Fact: Furryland (1)

Fun Fact: Furryland, since it stands for Fantastic Ultra-Real Rides Yahoo, was originally written as FURRYland. This idea was quickly scrapped as workers realized what a pain it was to write it in that style. Also, it looks weird.

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Adventure. What More Could You Want?

The name is Joe Rover. Gamer. Writer. Superhero. With the help of my friends, I protect Megaton City from all sorts of villains whose only desire is chaos & destruction. 

An Unhappy Ending

An unhappy ending doesn’t mean a sad ending. It means an ending that wasn’t supposed to happen; an ending where justice, compassion, or mercy aren’t served. If a protagonist is an unrepentant slimeball and they get away with continuing to be a slimeball, the story has an unhappy ending. However, if the slimeball realizes they were a creep and works to make amends–even if that includes jail time or worse–then the story has a happy ending.

The job of Blue Light Technologies (BLT) is to feed happy endings to the orb located on the roof of BLT Tower. If it is fed unhappy endings, there is trouble. An example is the Holocaust; it was the result of one unhappy ending. The Dark Ages is a result of many unhappy endings.

Dashing Heroes and Exciting Sci-Fi/Fantasy Action Await You in the Dogboy Multiverse

A peaceful drive turns into a road rage battle as Joe and Bandit defend themselves against Roadburn and Skidz. During the fight, Joe meets the mysterious Leo. Who is this young man? What do Roadburn and Skidz want with him?

Building a Believable Fictional World | Living the Write Life

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Building your fictional world can be daunting. You have to decide on rules–whether magic, science, or other. You got to decide on the look and feel: ancient or modern times, dark, comical, etc.

One thing that can help you on your journey is to look at objects, events, services, or traditions already in place in the real world and ask how it would work in your fictional world. This tip also works well for coming up with ideas for writing warm-ups/exercises.

For instance, lost and found services. Is there a high-tech drone that collects lost items? Is there an organization of wizards who donate their time to finding lost objects? Is there a grand conspiracy involving people who purposefully steal objects so that they become lost?

Another example: wall posters

Do people hang posters still? Have posters been invented? If not, do they have a poster prototype like an alter to worship a celebrity? Are the posters futuristic holograms? Are they somehow portals to other worlds?

It’s the small details, such as how the inhabitants deal with trash collection, that can make a world come to life and possibly create potential stories.

This post is based on opinion and personal experience; it is not to be taken as professional advice.

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The Internet Fairy | A Short Tail

Is your Internet running on potatoes? Does it seem like a hamster could power it better?

Come down to the Internet Fairy. Our full staff of fairies are waiting to transform your pumpkin of an Internet into a carriage fit for a princess.

That’s the Internet Fairy located at the corner of Elm and Blockwood.

Please remember to bring the appropriate honey and crackers as payment for services.

Until the next wormhole…thanks for reading.

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Hostage Night | Story Sample

The following is a sample from my current work in progress. It is unfinished so the final product may look different.

A 4,112 word short story about a date night gone wrong. Joe and Sally go to the movies but the theater is soon under siege.

“Oh wow!” said someone nearby. “You guys are seeing Dragon Reign?! That movie was great! I really liked the part when…” A holographic gag appeared over his mouth with the word “Spoilers” written across it. Even though he continued to speak, we couldn’t hear him.

Sally glanced over at me while the man waved his arms in excitement. “I love the new spoiler warning feature added during the latest Omni-Cuff update.”

Finally, the spoilers gag disappeared. “I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.” The man waved then faded into the crowd.

Copyright 2020 Joe Rover. All rights reserved.

Who wouldn’t want a spoilers gag feature added to their mobile device?

Until the next wormhole…thanks for reading.

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12000 Angry Viewers | Story Sample

The following is a sample from my current work in progress. It is unfinished so the final product may look different.

I finally was able to get some writing in and finished a 1,630 word short story. In the future, court cases are livestreamed and run about an hour long. The audience is also the jury; they get to live chat and vote on the outcome of the trial via the comments section. 

“Objection!” shouted the prosecutor pointing directly at Hunter. “You can’t have a surprise witness! Both parties must be aware and have equal access to any evidence and witnesses prior to the trail.”

The judge banged his gavel. “Since this case is being livestreamed, I’ll allow it. Audiences want an exciting trial full of drama.” He faced the hovering cameras that tracked the movements of the participants. “And don’t forget to like and subscribe to be notified of any new court trials. Also, remember to vote in the comments section if the defendant is guilty or not guilty after the trial.”

Copyright 2020 Joe Rover. All rights reserved.

Until the next wormhole…thanks for reading.

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