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Welcome and Thank You

Welcome to the official website for Joe Rover, author of such amazing stories as The Dogboy Chronicles,  Dogboy Reborn, The Life of Ace Journeyman, and The Wizard of New Town.

So, sit back, relax, and feel free to wonder around. You can check out the info on the books or read some samples (under the Beta Book link) or check out the blog. But most importantly remember to live the adventure.

And thank you for coming.

About me


One day while on a field trip, I was bitten by a radioactive writer. Thus, I was granted the proportional imagination and typing speed of a writer. I also found that I could stick notes to walls and developed an early warning “grammar sense.” Eventually, I learned that with great action verbs comes great sentences. From that day forward, I was The Somewhat Impressive Writer-Man!

But really…

Joe Rover is the pen name of an author who spends his time writing many family-friendly fictional stories. “Joe” has been a journalist, computer programmer, photographer, and graphic designer. 

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