Praise & Awards


Winner of the “Magic Holiday Thrills” writing contest

Winner of the “Super Christmas” writing contest

Winner of the “Write to Rank” Orange Belt Round

“Camp Nightmare” winner

“Nautical Adventures” contest–3rd place

Works appearing in anthologies:

Flash Fiction Anthology by the Wattpad Ambassadors (@Ambassadors)

Tall Tales From the Cantina: An Anthology by starwarsfans


“Write to Rank” Orange Belt round Interview

You write action very well. I felt I was in the scene with Ryan, Lady Lieutenant, and Ryack. LOL, great job.–Alone, The Wizard of New Town


This is hilarious and so on point for teenagers!

paulapdx, author of the Watty award-winning work The Otherworlders

This is such a fun story, but not only that, it has a natural writing quality to stand up as a brilliant tale too: Dogboy, an emergency in space, a friend in need and an intriguing mystery, it has it all! The story of sabotage and murder will grip you from the first page, and the Heroic Hound’s teeth won’t let you go until the last!–Revenge, Dogboy Reborn

Seb Jenkins, author of Life After Death

Best opening line I’ve ever seen.–“Battle for the Last Snack/The Meme Saga”

sarah3534, Wattpad Outreach Ambassador, author of Fragments of Fate

I love your poem! I don’t read a lot of poetry but yours was great! Thank you!

Belle Dowson, author of the Marcello Mafia Series on Wattpad & Inkitt