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How To Make a NINJA TURTLES Movie In Today’s Movie Market by THE OLD TURTLE DEN

Missing Link

Top 10 Scary Looney Tunes Theories by MostAmazingTop10

Hermitcraft 6: Episode 81 – MANSION MINIGAME by Grian

The Whispering Room by Dean Koontz

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Fort 51 | Wizard of New Town Side Quest

This Area 51 raid trend offers so many ideas.

Max stared deeply into the clothing store window display. He debated on if he should use the magic dust on a new outfit or not. His current clothes, his soccer jersey from the present, was starting to…well, smell. He’d worn it ever since he’d been transported from the modern age to this magical Dark Ages. 

Maybe I’ll fit in more, he thought.  The I’m-a-wizard-so-I-can-dress-funny excuse won’t hold forever. He glanced over at Aleya, who was busy bartering for some food. She brushed away some of her long, black hair revealing her pointed elf ears.  Women don’t like a man who smells like rotting fish.

Suddenly, Ryan slapped Max on the back. “I got us a lead on a bounty. Two hundred pounds of magic dust to capture Rickets Ron.”

“How’d he get that name?”

“You don’t want to know.”

Aleya returned from her food bartering mission. She reached over with her soft, lightly tanned hands to offer Max what looked like a piece of watermelon when a young man in page’s clothing interrupted by pulling out a scroll. 

“Hear ye, hear ye!” he shouted. “The lord, MadSkillz, has grown tired of the elves keeping secrets within Fort 51. Anyone wishing to join him on his mission to raid Fort 51 and see ‘them scientists’ need to meet him at Sa’ry in three weeks. And please, message fairy him an RSVP.”

Someone from the crowd laughed. “Ha! Scientists? Everyone knows scientists don’t exist!”

Another person chimed in, “And I don’t feel like getting tarred and feathered by the elf knights who protect the place.”

The crowed began to break up, muttering and scoffing as they did. Max started to leave but stopped when he saw that Ryan and Aleya hadn’t moved.

“What do you think they keep at Fort 51?” Ryan asked the elf princess. If anyone knew, you’d think it’d be her. “I’ve heard that’s where they keep the strange stuff.”

“Strange stuff?” said Max. “We just stopped a dirt path from swallowing a traveler because he threw a piece of trash on the ground. Talk about road rage.”

Ryan shrugged. “OK. The stranger stuff.”

“I hear that they keep a creature that’ll wash clothes in exchange for small discs of metal,” said Aleya. 

Max and Ryan glanced at each other then back at Aleya. “You mean a washing machine?” said Ryan. Like Max, Ryan came from the modern world, but he’d been transported months–maybe longer–before Max.

Aleya pondered what Ryan said for a moment. “Neve heard of a ‘washing machine,’ but I have heard rumors that Fort 51 has a knife that can slice open small metal food containers. It makes this buzzzz noise as it attacks.” 

“That would be a can opener,” said Ryan, trying to hide a smile. “It’s from our world as well.”

Aleya’s anime-like eyes sparkled. “The Old World had such wonderful things. I hope once we end the spell, I can see these can openers.”

Ryan tapped his finger near his freckles. “Maybe you can see one sooner. We could join the Fort Raiders.”

Max laughed dryly. “No. We have enough trouble as it is without angering the elf knights.”

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Inspiration #1

The following is a collection of story ideas that I don’t have time to do or have lost interest in. Feel free to use them for your stories, but please mention something akin to “based on an idea by Joe Rover,” Feel free to mix and modify the ideas.

A pair of teenage sleuths get in over their heads as they discover members of their local police force are corrupt. The rouge officers have their hands in many illegal activities within the town–everything from drugs to rape to murder.

An animal activist and an intelligent talking animal must team up to save a community of intelligent animals from poachers. The activist at first things being around talking, thinking animals is great but the idea of being around animals that never stop talking wears thin over time. Also, the animals appear to have lost their innocence and are acting more like humans. Will the activist still support the animals or will they start to see the animals as having the same flaws as mankind?

What started as a friendly hot air balloon race turns nasty as the prize money and fame increase. Friends turn on friends and rivals get rougher as storms, malfunctions, and other contestants try to put a stop to the race. The teams will stop at nothing to win, even creating the weirdest and silliest offense and defense gadgets/weapons ever thought of for hot air balloons. Everything from giant needles to catapults that launch cats–nothing is left unused, even the kitchen sink.

Bobby, a young intern for the big city newspaper, is hungry for the story that’ll finally show everyone his worth. Instead he is trapped covering the obituaries. It’s a thankless job filled with upset (and sometimes outright furious) family members and a tedious, repetitive form he must follow. But while on the surface they seem unrelated, Bobby soon sees something amiss. As he begins to investigate, he uncovers a conspiracy that could get him the recognition he wants–if he lives. Is it a government experiment? Ancient plots? Mad scientists? Maybe all of the above.

After the death of a loved one in a car crash, a physicist creates a time machine. They succeed in stopping the crash only to have their loved one killed in a case of road rage. Another attempt stops the road rage, but their loved one dies in a hit and run. However, this time the physicist recognizes the driver–it is the same from the crash and the road rage. Slowly, the physicist discovers the accident was no accident but murder. Why is someone after their loved one?

Aliens have had it with human hate crimes. They’ve chosen four people (you select the combination of race, gender, disability, etc) to prove humanity can change by having them work together to stop a series of hate crimes. If the four are unable to stop the crimes, the aliens will “eliminate the problem” themselves. Can the four work together or is the human race doomed?

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Alone (eBook only) is on sale for $0.99 until Sept. 3, 2019. Buy now and join in the urban fantasy adventure.

Let’s Read #4

Superman: Dawnbreaker by Matt de la Peña–Chapters 8-16. I’ll try to keep spoilers to a minimum.

In these chapters the suspense and action really take over.

When Lana and Clark sneak onto some property, they get chased. It was interesting reading this part because I knew Clark wouldn’t get hurt, but I still felt the fear and worry. It shows how good of a writer Peña is.

Peña also does a great job of making you feel Clark’s panic attacks. During these chapters, he discovers new powers or discovers how strong they are. Each time he panics, you get a picture of how he feels different and isolated from everyone.

Finally, I could feel the increase in tension as the date of the voting nears. There are more protests and more violence. You really get this feeling of a semi-calm before a storm. It feels like it won’t be long before there is mass chaos.

So, what do you think? How do you think Clark will stop the violence? Will the people vote for or against the stop-and-search law that is targeting minorities? How do you think the vote outcome with affect Clark’s viewpoint of his hometown? How will this affect his journey on becoming Superman? Tell me your theories in the comments.

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Rapid Reviews #1

The following are my opinion and do not reflect the opinion of any organization or person. May contain spoilers!

The Intruder: Kind of slow moving, but the creepy factor made it very interesting. At one point, you start wondering if the husband was the real villain.

UglyDolls: A good kids movie. There was a lot of singing; if you’re not a fan of musicals or lots of singing, you probably wouldn’t like this movie. I did like the message that they were trying to teach.

MAD Magazine #8: Contains your usual amount of jokes and crude humor. I enjoyed the short stories/articles. I felt like they did a good job of making fun of politics without it being on every page. They would make fun of superheroes then move on to politics and then make fun of vacations. I felt like I didn’t know what I was going to get next. Except for the little subscription cards that kept falling out–those I expected.

Nickelodeon’s Super Brawl Universe (mobile game): Has some bugs to be taken care of, such as sometimes it won’t respond to a tap. I like how you are able to pay for most things through slime. I didn’t feel forced into purchases. The matchmaking system seemed fair. The fights felt a little challenging but not frustrating. I enjoyed how the 1-v-1 fights don’t require energy. Also, the energy refills pretty fast.

“Let’s Meet Sonic” (OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes crossover event): So many Sonic the Hedgehog references! The episode didn’t feel rushed and the animation was smooth. It didn’t feel like they were trying to cram in a bunch of jokes or plot points into a small amount of time. I enjoyed that Tails actually had a part to play and wasn’t just standing there while Sonic did everything. You get to see a lot of character development in a short period of time. It also ends with the “Sonic Sez/Says” segment from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, so wins all around.

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Infinity Train Episodes 9-10 (Spoilers and Theories)

Here’s the complete playlist: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Infinity Train is a (as of now) mini-series airing on Cartoon Network from Aug. 5-9. For now, it is ten 11 minute episodes. Each night two episodes will air. The show is also available on the Cartoon Network app.

The event is over, but with the promise of “Infinity Train will return.” These last two episodes answered all of the important questions. I won’t go into them here because I don’t want to spoil it and I think you should watch it yourself. But, I will say the ending was amazing. I’ll also say that I’m glad it is revealed that the person vaporized by the light in the first episode wasn’t killed.

I do want to talk about the questions left unanswered. We find out who the Conductor is and why they are against Tulip while the train is for her. We also found out how the cars and cockroach things are created. We also get a hint at what the numbers mean. What isn’t answered is where the train came from and its purpose.

Lastly, we don’t know why the land the train travels through is barren and full of those creatures. I guess the shows hints at it a bit. Tulip is shown a picture of the train’s engine. She sees that it has cannons, which can be repurposed to make the cockroaches. The cannons can alter reality, such as changing Atticus into a cockroach or changing a computer into a corgi. So, it is possible the Conductor used the front cannons to shape the land it travels through.

But, what I mostly liked about the show is that the big questions were answered. It felt complete. I didn’t feel like, “Great, now I have to wait till the next season.” I was left feeling like the story was done, but at the same time excited for the next one.

I would highly recommend this show to those who like puzzles, mysteries, and fantasy. It comes with action, suspense, emotion, and humor. The animation is also great. The acting was well done. I continually felt like I was watching a high-budget movie. Also, it felt like the world was completely flushed out. 4.8/5

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