The Deep Lonely Woods Pt 2

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“Help me,” a voice said.

The sudden sound made me jump. I saw a blurry object move. My human half was able to process the shape and size of the object as human. My sense of smell told me it was the same person who left the candy wrappers.

I put my sunglasses back on and approached.

“Dogboy, thank heavens,” he said. He was wounded.

“What happened?” I knelt down and put my paw-like hands a few inches over his wound. Golden liquid energy flowed into him as he told me what happened.

He and some classmates came here to do the traditional Halloween dare. These classmates had invited him, but it turned out to be a setup. Once he got some distance away, they ditched him. He got lost trying to find his way back.

“I then saw him.” The teen groaned softly as his wound began to close. “Some freak with an axe. At first, I thought it was the guys playing a prank on me; you know, something like out of those old stories kids would tell each other.”

“Urban legends.”

“Yeah, those.” He groaned again. “But I knew that wasn’t it when he swung that axe at me. I ran. I thought I’d gotten away; he just came out of nowhere. He left me for dead when he heard some kind of noise.”

The 3D fabricator in my belt printed out a flat throwing disc. I activated the drone and it took to the air. “Follow the Frizz disc,” I said. “It’ll take you back to the clearing. The police should be arriving soon.” He voiced his thanks and followed the flying disc into the dense woods. I tapped my sunglasses. “Did you get that?”

“Very odd,” said Brain. “The Amber Alert said that the girl’s female baby sitter kidnapped her.”

“She could have an accomplice or our teen friend was mistaken.”

“Just be careful, Joe. It is easy to get lost in those woods. Even for you.”

“Not to mention there’s an axe murderer on the loose,” Danny added.

I sighed. “It just wouldn’t be Halloween without an axe murderer running around.”

I continued into the forest and soon the scent lead me to a cabin with a light. Bingo. I sent another Frizz disc to investigated.

“No signs of life,” Woof reported.

Once I entered, I saw that while there were no signs of life, there had been a struggle. Judging by the light and the scattered food, whoever had been here was taken by surprise. I closed my eyes and let my senses piece together what happened.

The girl and a woman, about 18, were sitting down to eat. Man, that hamburger smelled good.

Focus, Joe.

A crash made them turn towards the door. Someone entered. I could smell the metal and wood of the axe. The person smelled of the woods as if he’d been in the forest a long time. But there was something else…a foul, diseased smell…like something wasn’t quite right upstairs.

The woman and man struggled. She was surprisingly fit. Finally, it looked as if she was outclassed. She scooped up the girl and ran. The axe man followed soon after.

I opened my eyes. The scents were fresher, so I quickened my pace. I ran deeper and deeper into the woods; trying to avoid roots, branches, and anything else that might slow me down. The little girl’s scent got stronger with each passing step. I was getting closer.

Part 1 Part 3

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