Rebels Pre-Order Now Available

rebelsCoverRebels (Wizard of New Town, #2) is now available as a pre-order through most eBook retailers. It’ll be released Feb. 27, 2018.

Book Description:

Max is still reeling from waking up in the strange world of New Town. And the talking magical wand isn’t helping. The wand tells Max it is time to begin his quest to end the spell that is shifting the modern world into the ancient. But Max is no hero; he just wants to go home.

At least Max won’t be alone on his journey. After a run-in with some bounty hunters, Max befriends another from his world, Ryan. Believing Max to be a great hero, Ryan joins the quest. But he quickly uncovers Max’s insecure nature.

Soon, the two come across a village targeted for invasion. Can Max find his courage in time to save the town?

Check your favorite retailer for availability.


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