Undertale Soundtrack | Review

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I finally got around to listening to “MEGALOVANIA” by Toby Fox from the Undertale game on Spotify. I know I’m a tad late; but give me a break, I didn’t even know about Undertale until a few months ago–about the same time Deltarune came out.

I’ll probably get in treble for this, but I found the song to be not very note-worthy. And…uh, what’s that blue energy?



*I slowly look up from my position on the floor.* “Sans?” (The Undertale skeleton character, not the font.)

“i’ve got a bone to pick with you,” *says the skeleton in the blue jacket* “i’m the only one who makes bad puns around here.”

*I start to stand up.* Hmm, should I try to fight him or reason with him? “No, I can make bad puns too. You’re a video game character, and I’m a book character. It’s totally different.”

“oh. right. guess i’ll be going then.”

“Wait, just like that?”

“meh, why not? besides, i got to pay a visit to the guy who said i was ness.”

*I sigh.* “That’s never going away, is it?”

*Before walking out the door, San’s winks.* “not in this reality.”

Anywho, what I said earlier was a joke. I liked the “MEGALOVANIA” song. I liked it so much I listened to the other soundtrack songs. And guess what? I liked most of them too.

I enjoyed their 8-bit video game tune. I could really hear the EarthBound inspirations. Also, as I listened, I could picture the game’s events (and some you can dance too). I liked how the “MEGALOVANIA” song started out simple and then more and more instruments got added; soon, it was like a full on concert. It’s also impressive how Toby Fox is self-taught when it comes to music (at least according to Wikipedia). Finally, I checked the Toby Fox artist page (on Spotify) to see what else he’d released; I found the soundtrack to Deltarune’s first chapter. I’ll have to give that a listen…but at the rate I’ve been going that might be in the year 3000.

My only problem with the songs: some were too short. Well, yeah, some of them kind of repeated, but what do you expect for video game music–they need to be on a loop.

For those of you interested, Undertale is available on PC, PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch. The Undertale soundtrack is also available on STEAM and iTunes.

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