News Update

I’m going to start having new content published every Friday at 10 am PT/5 pm GMT on one of the following places:



A Side Quest eBook–Available at many online retailers, such as Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Kobo

Online game site


It’ll only be one post on one site (for example, only a YouTube video). Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for post updates and links.

There will be some random publications at various times, which will also be posted on Twitter and Facebook, but the “official” publication will be on Fridays. When a longer eBook (i.e. The Wizard of New Town, The Life of Ace Journeyman, or Dogboy Reborn) is released it’ll be on a Tuesday.

Upcoming Publications (subject to change)

April 5: Just a Random Thought | Blog

April 12: Character & World Development | Blog

April 19: Sparks of Rebellion releases–available for preorder | Side Quest eBook

April 26: Alliance sample reading | YouTube

May 3: A Five Night’s at Fridays post | YouTube

May 10: Mystery writing tips | Blog

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