ONN Wireless On-Ear Headphones | Review

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Recently, I got a pair of ONN Wireless On-Ear Headphones. I have to say they are pretty great.

First, they were fairly easy to set up. It took me about ten seconds to pair the headphones with my iPad. It took me longer to remove the headphones from the package. Speaking of which, I did not like how they “hid” the charger and audio cable in a pocket behind the logo. It was lucky that I found them before I threw the box away.

I really liked that the headphones came pre-charged and it lasted for awhile. I was able to listen to music for about eight to ten hours before I needed to charge them for the first time. And considering that you’re supposed to get 14 hours of playtime per charge, that’s impressive. I also appreciate a voice telling me that the battery was about to run out.

I didn’t like that the instructions were a little confusing. I had to read it a second time to fully understand them, but that could be because I was speed reading.

I was able to get about 50 feet away from my device before the headphones started to cut out. I enjoyed that when they did start to cut out, they would just cut out. There wasn’t a loud static sound nor did the voices start to slow down. It let me know that I was out of rage without annoying me.

There was a problem with the headphones and the Vudu app. Right in the middle of the video, the app would crash and even shut down the Internet. I had to reboot the iPad in order to get the Internet back. But seeing as the headphones worked with every other app, I think it was more a problem with Vudu than the headphones.

I do wonder if the volume resets every time you turn the headphones off. I’ll turn the volume down to listen to some music; but when I turn the headphones back on later, the music blares.

But my favorite feature is that when I have the headphones on, I can barely hear anything outside of what I’m listening to. I can’t hear people, unless they address me directly and speak up a little (even if I have the volume turned down low), but it isn’t complete silence–I am able to hear the phone ring. It is like they cut out enough noise that I am able to enjoy my music or video but not so much that people have to scream at me in order to get my attention.

I was a bit unsure about getting the headphones because if I wear on-ear headphones for a long time, my ears get uncomfortably hot. Also, on-ear headphones tend to knock my glasses out of alignment so I can’t see well with the headphones on. With the ONN headphones, they do cause my ears to get hot but it doesn’t seem to last long. They also do move my glasses but I am able to right them fairly easy.

The ONN headphones aren’t perfect, but they are definitely better than other wireless headphones I’ve had. 4.8/5

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