Rapid Reviews #2

The following are my opinion and do not reflect the opinion of any organization or person. May contain spoilers!

TEPPEN from GungHo Online Entertainment Inc: Various Capcom characters battle it out in this online card game. I really enjoy the cinematic cutscenes. Every graphic is amazing. The animations for the characters’ special power is also well done and gives the game that unique flair. I could tell that they really worked hard on it. I also enjoy that many of my favorite Capcom characters are together. But, it did take me awhile to understand how to play the game and navigate the menus and system. I still have no idea what the Zennys are for–I’m assuming its to buy cards (or is that the Souls).

awritersd1ary: A collection of well thought out and short poems. The poems pull at your heart and make you want to go “awww” after reading them. The backgrounds fit the poem well and are not distracting. I also had no trouble reading the text–it doesn’t blend into the background.

ratvault: A collection of comics featuring a rat detective, but don’t expect a great detective. The Ratective is kind of a goof. The artwork is high-level and amazing. The jokes are also very funny.

Pluto TV: An app or website that allows you to watch free TV. It has a nice collection of old and new shows and movies. I wish it allowed you to see further into the programming than three hours. If you sign up, you can save channels as favorites, but signing up is not required, which is nice. There are a few bugs still to work out, such as sometimes it’ll glitch and repeat a scene over and over until I close it. It works well for having something to watch during off-seasons and downtime. It is also great for having something on while your eating or taking a break.

Until the next wormhole…thanks for reading.

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