Competition in Minecraft

It has not been easy assigning all the professions to the Minecraft villagers I added to my base, even in Creative Mode. I spawned them in but they would keep changing to random professions. I found out that they need a house, a bed, and their workstation–such as a barrel for a fisherman. (Check out these videos by Owen Adams on how to deal with villager jobs: one and two.)

Even with the workstation information, they would still flop randomly…or so it seemed. They were setting themselves to the crafting tables I had already in the base. I use barrels for storage and decoration so they kept assigning themselves to the barrels. I ended up having to remove my barrels, smokers, stonecutters, etc. Finally, they were sort of cooperating. I didn’t get rid of everything so they kept trying to work elsewhere.

Finally, I got it set up how I wanted. I then went to work on leveling them all up to Master. I got everyone to their “final form” except for the Shepherd. For some reason he got stuck at level 3. No matter how much time I gave him, he wouldn’t restock–even though his loom was two blocks away. I figured it was a bug and got another Shepherd. Still didn’t work. Maybe he was assigned to another loom. I removed the loom and the Shepherd changed professions, so it was the right workstation.

I could not get the lazy shepherd to do his job. I even tried coxing him into work by shoving him over to the loom. I knew that wouldn’t work, but it was still fun.

I then thought that maybe there was some weird requirement. He’s a shepherd; maybe he needs to be outside with the sheep. I set up a workstation out in the animal farm with the cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep. Nope. This one got stuck at level 3 too.

I sighed and returned to the other shepherd only to discover he’d restocked his items. In fact, he now restocked so fast that he’d have new items before I would empty out his stock.

“Sure,” I said. “Now that there’s some competition you work.”

See, even in the world of Minecraft, competition is an important thing.

What kind of bugs have you encountered with Minecraft? Do you think a competition system would be a great addition to the game? For instance, you trade a lot with one shepherd then start treading with another; but when you return to the first, the prices have dropped. Let’s discuss in the comments below.

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Until next wormhole…thanks for reading.

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