The Writer’s Everything 001 | Review

Along with his YouTube channel and fictional works, QJ Martin released the first issue of the The Writer’s Everything, a magazine geared to helping writers with…everything. The first issue can be found on his Patreon page. You do need a Patreon account to read it.

First, I liked the magazine’s brevity. The articles were short and to the point. There was also a little bit of humor mixed in with the professional tone. I did notice a few editing errors, such as missing words. But, for the most part, it is well polished.

The design was also amazing. I liked the sidebars which provided definitions and explanations. Also, the definitions were not full of jargon–professional or amateur writers could understand what was being said. The lines, as well as the columns, were clean and professional. The color scheme and fonts were eye-catching without being distracting.

On the subject of sidebars, one with short recommendations on pens or software would be nice. It could be as simple as the product’s title. I’d like to know what design software was used to make the magazine.

As for the articles, I found them friendly and easy to understand. I felt like I was receiving advice/information from a friend and not some “know-it-all” who wanted to show off their big words. I felt like Martin understood the subject and knew his audience.

In all, the magazine was informative while being short enough that I didn’t feel like a little kid going, “Are we there yet?” 4.8/5

Until the next wormhole…thanks for reading.

“The fresh snow nestled the Earth like a warm blanket during a thunderstorm. Specks of frozen water clung to the hibernating trees making them shimmer…”

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