K-Pop | Throwback Thursday

Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of Young Yong Tales on YouTube; and boy, does he like K-Pop. This, however, reminded me of a book plot from when I was much younger.

I decided to come up with a plot where the villains used a futuristic drug to attack the city. This drug was highly addictive–just a small dose of it would make you addicted enough to kill for it or die from withdrawal. The drug came in the form of a soda drink called Killer Pop or K-Pop for short. At the time, I thought everyone called carbonated flavor drinks “pop.” I eventually found out that most people call them “soda.” I was told calling it pop might confuse people. Soon after I learned/figured out that popular music is also called pop.

I then came up with a new idea. We already have drugs that are injected/ingested; so if the drug was really futuristic it needed to be different. I decided that the drug would be delivered through sound. Only a few bars of the music would hook the victim. I also figured this would be a frightening drug because instead of having to leave the house and meet up with a drug dealer on the streets, the person could just download it off the Internet (it was just sound after all). It was also scary because an assassin could just hack into your playlist and add the song. The next time you went jogging…boom, you’re hooked. I still stuck with the K-Pop name because I was too lazy to figure something else out; plus it could stand for Killer Pop, as in killer music.

So imagine my surprise when a few months or a year (or two) later K-Pop was mentioned in the news. I was like “whaaaaaat?!” At first, I thought someone had actually come up with the drug…and then I learned it just meant Korean Pop music. Whew.

Though after watching those Young Yong videos and listening to how much he likes K-Pop…nah. Couldn’t be real. Or could it? Maybe that’s how all these boy/girl bands become so famous! Duh-duh-duuuuh…LOL.

I’m joking of course. Though I haven’t listened to any K-Pop, I highly doubt that it is an addictive drug created by super villains in order to control the minds of the masses. Fortnite on the other hand…

Hmm, in the Killer Pop sequel, I did come up with a version of it that would infect a person just by looking at it.

Until the next wormhole…thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “K-Pop | Throwback Thursday

  1. You should write that story. In a world of sound based drug addiction, the deaf would be kings. KPop music is weirdly addictive. My niece loves BTS. She speaks Korean & Japanese. Also a good thing had happened. On American tv a group sings in their own language and it is okay. Probably, but not the only reason, why I love Eurovision.

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