The Mystery of Roanoke

The colony of Roanoke disappeared after finding and fiddling with a reality gate. The gate transported the people to another reality (CROATOAN, left by one of the “survivors,” is the coordinates of the world—unfortunately, they failed to write it correctly, so we don’t know if it’s CRO-AT-OAN, CR-OATO-AN, or one of a billion other combinations). This reality was one where humans had died out. According to legend, as the gate closed, one of the forest animals could be heard saying, “Humans. Well, there goes the neighborhood.”

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Adventure. What More Could You Want?

The name is Joe Rover. Gamer. Writer. Superhero. With the help of my friends, I protect Megaton City from all sorts of villains whose only desire is chaos & destruction. 

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