Cold Debt

Normally the ancient demigod, the Sandman, doesn’t interfere with crimes, but the cold case from 19ZX has left Detective Swayz and the victims’ family with 30 years of sleepless nights. While the family and detective pace wearily, the murderer, Sizzle Stacks, rests peacefully in a warm bed. Stacks’s, with no remorse for the murder of the high school cheerleader and her boyfriend, dreams of happy days and famous nights where he is adored. 

“Stacks has taken sleep from his victims,” said the Sandman. “The sleepless family does not dream; and without dreams, the multiverse starves. His debt must be paid.”

In a flash of sand and light, the balance of sleep was restored. Now, Swayz and the family rest peacefully while Stacks spends 30 years in the Nightmare Realm.

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