The Characters Of Dogboy


Joe Rover

Sally Pine

Brain Walker

Danny Smith


International League of Super-Transbeings (ILOST)




MEL (Mechanical Enforcement Lackey)

  • Meant to be a robot assistant for police officers
  • Corrupted by Terabyte, now a Goliath of a foe with strength and durability but no brain


Animal Gang





Legion of Villainous Entities (LOVE)

  • The evil version of the International League of Super-Transbeings
  • All bad and/or evil transbeings must be registered with LOVE



The Arctic Avengers


  • Justifying Anomalies With Science
  • Group of mercenaries and monster hunters

Blackfeather the PirateĀ 

  • Like me, Benny (aka Blackfeather) is from the Real World. He was a live-action role player who one day bought a foam sword from an online market site. The foam sword, meant to finish off his pirate costume for an upcoming LARP event, was in reality the Cosmic Cutlass, a sword that can slice open gateways to anywhere. Outside of the Real World, the foam sword becomes a real cutlass.
  • He decided to commit to his pirate role. Unfortunately, he is an extremely annoying pirate (sky pirate, sea pirate, space pirate, Internet pirate, you-name-it pirate). He dresses in a full black and white pirate costume meant to mimic his favorite animal, the magpie. He has blacked out one of the lenses in his glasses to use as an eyepatch.
  • He also possesses a cosmic spyglass; which allows him to see anywhere, and half of the Map of Amazing Cheat Codes; which provides a map of the Omniverse as well as other cheats–I possess the other half.
  • He’s still trying to catch a parrot to sit on his shoulder; they, and his crew, tend to abandon him quickly.
  • He gets no respect from anyone.

The Cosplayer

  • Little is known about this shapeshifter in an all black skintight suit. He possesses the ability to change into any living or non-living object through his cloaking technology. He works for the Omega Institute.

El Raptor General (or El Raptor or El General)

  • A self-exiled velociraptor-dragon general with the power to control a bone army. El Raptor agreed with the Tyrant King that non-dragons are dangerous; but instead of wanting a tentative truce, he decided he could use the non-dragons as an army that would dethrone the King and put him in charge.
  • Sharp claws, teeth, and a strong tail. Has a cool, thin mustache and speaks with a Mexican accent.
  • Likes to eat goats and is the basis for the El Chupacabra legend.


  • He was once a United States Postal Worker until the advent of drone delivery shut down all post offices.
  • He understandably went a little crazy. He now works part-time delivering vile packages for super-villains and part-time as a bomber, arsonist, thief, robber, and more.
  • Uses a modified mail truck, flame-thrower pepper spray, and ironically, drones.

The Clay Men

  • A group of fans from various fandoms who come from the Real World and wish to “evolve” into characters.
  • Their belief in the fandom allows them to semi-manipulate reality, such as making a bowl of wax fruit into a bowl of real fruit or turning a stage set into an actual place. But, this believe also makes it so they have to play by the rules of the fandom, such as they can’t break through a prop “stonewall” but non-members can.

The Brotherhood of the All-Seeing Eye

  • A cult group that wishes to bring back the Void Gods, cosmic entities from the Void (aka quantum realm).
  • The members wear black robes with red full-covering hoods.
  • Some of the Void Gods include the Kraken (sea), the Leviathan (space), the Behemoth (land), and the Thunderbird (sky).
  • Joey (the Shard) was once the leader; but after he was freed from the All-Seeing Eye’s influence, he returned to his prankster/wildcard/rebel ways.

Other Characters

Max McGruffin

  • Publisher (MyVideo channel owner) of WAG News and Sally’s boss
  • Has a thing for Sally
  • Billionaire playboy (aka Digital Age Don Juan)
  • Sports a thin mustache

Friends of Earth (FOE)

  • A group of alien races who are allies with Earth