“Nobody move! This is a stick-up!”

Ex-businessman, hacker, and scientific genius Glue


  • Orange and black battle suit
  • Tubes lead to glue reserve pack
  • Orange helmet
  • Outside of suit he is just a puddle of glue that can move


  • Before being engulfed in his own chemical weapon, Glue was a businessman named Matt White
  • Created an anti-virus program and sold it to everyone but it had a backdoor that allowed Matt access to everything and everyone
  • After being arrested, his business failed and his building tore down


  • Creation and manipulation of glue
  • Mind-control via glue
  • Can use glue to “pass on” diluted powers to henchmen and others
  • Scientific genius in the fields of chemistry and computers


  • Battle suit
  • Wrist blasters
  • Various glue related weapons


  • Outside of his battle suit, he is a puddle of glue that can move somewhat
  • If he stays out of his suit too long, he’ll dry out
  • Water

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