The hyperactive anti-hero/outlaw


  • Pink and white friction resistant suit
  • Pink helmet
  • White gloves, boots, and belt
  • She almost looks like a piece of bubblegum


  • Real name: Jane Rocket
  • Her family came to Earth as migrants but her sponsor decided that the family hadn’t “paid” enough for the trip. The sponsor (Dean) began exploiting her powers to commit crimes. Met fellow immigrant Chrono who wanted to use her powers and his time travel equipment to kill Dean before he rose to power.
  • Not a bad person but not completely good either
  • Works as a waitress at the Red Rover Restaurant (Megaton City branch)
  • Likes bubblegum


  • Can enter hypertime by saying “Hypertime,” this gives her the appearance of super-speed
  • In hypertime she is invisible to anyone in normal time and can pass through solid objects (sometimes even make them explode)


  • Not being able to say “Hypertime”
  • Still human, though suit does offer some protection