International League of Super-Transbeings

Thanks to the Law of 2012, all transbeings must be registered as either Good, Bad, or Neutral before their 18th birthday.

Good transbeings will be assigned a place within the International League of Super-Transbeings (or ILOST). Bad transbeings will be placed within the Legion of Villainous Entities (or LOVE). Neutral transbeings must register with PAWS (or Paranormal And Weirdness Specialists).

Positions within each organization can include:

  • Superhero
  • Supervillain
  • Sidekick
  • Minion
  • Actor
  • Athlete
  • Painter
  • Lawyer
  • Tech support
  • And much more

ILOST technology includes, but not limited to:

  • RoadSplitter: Ground assault/battle vehicle
  • WaveRipper: Aquatic assault/battle vehicle
  • SkySurfer: Sky assault/battle vehicle

Within the ILOST structure members are assigned squads. As of now Dogboy is in the Delta squad. Information about this team is as follows:




Ace Journeyman




Daphne Spelling


Agent Zee




Zachary “Zak” Andrew Parsons

Other notable members include:

  •  Splitter: time manipulation
  • The Pillow Fighter: pillow manipulation
  • Sleepover: Pillow Fighter’s wife, sleepover inducing powder
  • Darkwrapper: sentient never-ending wrapping paper tube, Jonathan–his aid and butler (Darkwrapper makes a ton during the holiday season)
  • Carboy: a teen who spent too much time with his car and merged with it; eyes in place of headlights and mouth instead of a grill
  • Commander Glitterbomb: blinding and tracking/spying through glitter
  • 404: android
  • Fighting Five Fusion Force: doctor–carries reflex hammer weapon, lawyer–briefcase weapon and has a silver tongue, athlete–hockey stick weapon, painter–brush weapon, and average guy–remote control weapon
  • Midnight Ranger
  • Wonder Bot
  • Dark Revenge
  • Masked Hippo
  • Ranger Starlight: used to be the villain Professor Darklight now is the director for Camp TimberWolf–a camp designed to convince super villain children to join the good guys