“Uh…I don’t really have a catchphrase. Should I have one?”

Alien royalty

Real Name:

Buddy Riggs/Prince Budmore

Place of Origin:

Tektix (Tech-ticks)


  • Red suit with black gloves, cape, trunks, and boots with some white
  • Black “vein” lines coming from gloves and boots
  • Black “veins” coming from eyes
  • White belt
  • Brown hair


  • When the Xacians invaded his planet, many fled to Earth. In order to fit in, their memories and powers were erased. But their memories and powers were restored when the Sphere, a Tektronian (Tech-tron-ian) terraforming machine.
  • Buddy believed himself to be a sixteen-year-old Earthling; but after the Sphere appeared, he remembered that he was a Tektron and the last member of the royal family.
  • When scanning someone a beam of light projects from his eyes.
  • Tektix is not mentioned on any star charts. This causes much distrust between the people on Earth and the Tektrons.
  • Copy-cat is an insulting name given to Buddy’s people by the people of Earth.
  • Framed for the murder of the superhero Sonic Sting


  • Scan and copy skills, powers and memories; can also transform into those he copies
  • Dense durable skin
  • Life vision–able to sense living things

Go to copied powers:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Flight
  • Ability to fire shard-like quills that can be electric or explosive. He can also not fire them as use them as melee weapons.


  • The more he copies the more black veins that appear
  • If he “stores” too many “copied files,” he’ll get sick and then will become a power hungry Soul-eater. Soul-eaters are the worst criminals on Tektix because they will steal the complete soul/essence of those they scan leaving an empty shell behind
  • Buddy also holds back on how many powers he holds as not to scare people
  • Many mistrust him and he tries hard to fit in