Real Name:

Rexford (will accept you calling him “Rex”)

Place of Origin:



  • Orange construction shirt with yellow reflectors
  • Orange miner hat
  • White undershirt
  • Orange pants with yellow reflectors
  • Orange sandals
  • Light brown hair
  • Buck teeth and pointy ears
  • Green skin


  • Long ago, gremlins showed humanity how to advance their technology. The humans took credit for the idea making the gremlins angry. The gremlins then began sabotaging machines.
  • CyberPunk became a part of ILOST after discovering that most humans were good and didn’t even know about the history between gremlins and humans. This information messed with his head for a bit.
  • Used to be called CyberCypher but found that not many people could remember it and changed it to CyberPunk.
  • Nicknames: Cy and CP
  • Will try to act proper at times, but he’s much more casual.


  • Manipulation of technology
  • Can build or destroy virtually anything
  • Can talk to machines
  • Can roll into a ball in order to travel, reach small places, or smash into things. When in ball form he is almost completely indestructible.


  • Loss of hammer
  • Milk and cookies or crackers with honey will make him complacent
  • Excessive injury


  • Massive hammer with magic runes written on it–not sure he even knows what the runes are for