Dr. Daphne Spelling

“Open wide and say, ‘Abracadabra.'”

White witch

Real Name:

Daphne Spelling (Dr. Spelling)

Place of Origin:

The secret land of magic. She jokes that it is Ireland.


  • Flowing white gown
  • Short brown hair
  • Eyes that turn purple when she uses her magic


  • Daphne graduated medical school as a veterinarian at 14 (or was it 13).
  • Soon after graduating she opened her own vet clinic.
  • Aided by her black cat, Zip, she uses her vast medical and magical knowledge to help those in need.
  • Her family was cursed so that each member dies on their 42 birthday. The only cure is for Daphne (as the prophesied “End of Spelling”) to locate the Black and Red book.
  • Joe and Daphne dated for a bit back in high school.


  • Magic


  • Fire
  • Drowning
  • Other magic users