Zachary Andrew Parsons

“Just what this multiverse needed: another giant horror-god.”

ZAP Guild (aka Zapper) member. Works for BLT International. His mission is to help events reach their “happy ending.”


  • About 15 or 16, physically. Mentally, he is in his 40s.
  • Average height and weight, somewhat large nose
  • White hair (caused by 25 years in the simulated nightmare realm), purple streaks have begun to grow in
  • Can be somewhat sour


  • Friends with Marty and Jess
  • Marty tried to create a machine capable of traveling between dimensions. Zak was caught in the explosion and trapped in a horror world for 25-some years until he was finally returned home. No time passed on his world so he is a 40-ish year old trapped in the body of a teenager.
  • Marty plays the part of the “sidekick/support” during missions
  • Jess plays the part of the “love interest” during missions
  • Dean plays the part of the “rival” during missions
  • Alyx plays the part of the “gal pal” during missions
  • Jake plays the part of the “wildcard” during missions
  • Wiley is the mechanic/IT specialist of the team


  • Absorbtion and redirection/release of phantasmic energy: allows him to do many feats
  • Limited control over the ZAP: can use it to “jump around” a battlefield


  • Human injuries
  • Fear of his own strength/power


  • Avaitor goggles: aids in filtering out phantasmic energy so it doesn’t overload his senses, also has telescopic and night vision
  • Avatior jacket: keeps him warm during the jumps from realm to realm
  • Blaster: only allowed in emergency situations
  • Communication watch: allows him to contact BLT and also receive infromation on his mission