Joe Rover

Joel “Joe” Tobias Roverimg_1161

“Time to let the dog out.”

Leader of The Pack, a group of his friends consisting of Sally Pine, Brain Walker, Danny Smith, and Bandit

Base of Operations:

Megaton City


  • Tangled mop of blonde hair, goofy-looking 21-year-old
  • Half-breed Sirian. Both parents are human but an accident in genetics gave him his powers. An ancestor was a Sirian.
  • Even before the accident with the Dark Matter, Joe showed signs of super-gifts.


  • Unsure of himself, hides behind his quick wit and lousy puns.
  • Though bullied most of his life, he tries to do the right thing.
  • Has a tendency to get cliches wrong because of historical distortion/corruption.


“Talk to the paw because the floppy ears aren’t listening.”

Joe Rover’s alter ego


  • Muscular 6 foot humanoid golden retriever.
  • Black sunglasses, purple cape, purple sports utility vest with Fabricator pockets.
  • Off-white t-shirt with emblem.
  • Blue jeans, black boots with fur and paws sticking out.
  • Yellow belt with smaller emblem and Fabricator.


  • The Megaton Mutt
  • Mutt of Marvels
  • The Heroic Hound
  • The Caped Canine


  • Pup
  • Mutt
  • Fleabag
  • Drool(ing) Fool
  • Runt


  • Teleportation (speed)
  • Telekinesis (strength)
  • Telepathy (can smell fear/feelings not words, though to him it might sound like words)
  • Healing/regeneration
  • Fur armor (some protection from harm)
  • Razor claws
  • Razor teeth
  • Dog breath (knockout)
  • Wolf lungs (blow objects around)
  • Puppy dog eyes (limited mind control)
  • Not prehensile tail
  • Cape stun, whap, or grab
  • Sonic howl/bark
  • Digger (phasing)
  • Hunter (invisibility)


  • Xeno-silver (burns and weakens)
  • Xeno-wolfsbane (drugged effect)
  • Xeno-mountain ash (force field, shocks)
  • Rolled up newspapers
  • Dog whistle/loud noises
  • His senses can be blocked or messed with
  • Leashes/collars
  • Dog instincts like “fetch”
  • Not enough phantasmic/Dark Matter energy


  • Bone blaster/bo/blade
  • Grapple leash or whip
  • Tennis bomb
  • Collar cuffs
  • Stink shoes (filled with various gasses)
  • Frizz disc drones
  • Flea Taser
  • Dog whistle comlink and HUD system (DogCom)
  • Fire hydrant jet pack
  • Cold nose ray gun (freeze ray)
  • Dogcar
  • Mutt-cycle
  • Dogfighter jet
  • Doghouse
  • SPOT Artificial Intelligence system–once called WOOF but an update from Brain caused it to become a psychotic killing machine and WOOF had to be reformatted into SPOT
  • Dog bandana (personal environment bubble)
  • Doggy Bag: “magic” storage backpack
  • Online avatar: WarriorFang_X–black and white tennis shoes, purple trench coat, form is more digital (illegal for simulations to be “too convincing”), blond hair, blue eyes, more pronounced wolf ears with fur, more fang-like teeth, fuzzier sideburns, tattoo/mark over right eye (Danny added it while Joe wasn’t looking and it costs $20 to fix it)