“I don’t do quotes. Or cat puns.”

Immortal cat assassin/bounty hunter



  • Full body orange suit
  • Black cat-stripes that run the length of the arms and legs
  • Arm stripes meet to form wrist bracers
  • Leg stripes form around feet
  • White belly
  • Oversized green tinted lenses
  • Pink nose, whiskers, and white mouth
  • Orange hair and cat ears
  • Orange and black striped tail with white tip
  • Without the suit he looks more human but still has fangs, orange fur-hair, cat ears, and a tail


  • Taken by the cat people to their homeworld after his family was wrongfully accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch hunts, he was chosen by the cat god to battle the Great Evil
  • Real name is Kitattangmecrectallobecmon (Kit-at-tang-mecr-ect-tall-oh-beck-mon)


  • Immortal/regeneration
  • Explosive hairballs
  • Night vision
  • Acrobat
  • Some strength and speed
  • Climbing
  • Leaping
  • Claws


  • Yarn booby trap
  • Wind up mouse gas pellets
  • HUD googles
  • Saucer throwing blades
  • Milk potions (paralyze, heal, poison, etc)


  • Trapped, imprisoned
  • Laser pointer lights
  • Catnip
  • Cat videos