“My bark is worse than my megabyte.”Terabyte

Ex-government anti-virus program


  • Gold and yellow suit with a large harness over his chest


  • Created by the government to be the ultimate anti-virus/anti-cyberattack system
  • Terabyte was a bit extreme in his service and was “fired”
  • Terabyte turned on his creators
  • Terabyte was captured by the Animal Gang during the Dark Matter War and forced to help them form their criminal Empire. He was released by Dogboy later but was soon deleted by another version of himself. Once that Terabyte was gone the duplicate version became a super-powerful being known at TerrorByte. After his defeat at the hands of Dogboy, TerrorByte was depowered to the point that he is now Terabyte once more.


  • Control over any technology
  • Can shoot lightning/energy bolts
  • Travel between the real world and the digital world
  • Can create minions or turn people into minions
  • Can create computer viruses
  • Can travel through power lines or through wireless systems
  • Can upload/download himself into any device


  • Water
  • Powerful firewalls or anti-virus systems
  • Digital weapons or equipment
  • Needs to recharge
  • No signal (dead) zones

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