The Arctic Avengers

Group of transbeings who fight for environmental issues; they protect the planet from climate change and other problems–any way they can. Considered to be eco-terrorists.

Team Members:

  • Polax
  • Shabina
  • Blade
  • Buster
  • Kodiak
  • Jax
  • Maddox


  • Polax: semi-human male polar bear wearing blue jeans
  • Shabina: female snow leopard humanoid wearing snow leopard print clothing
  • Blade: female hairy woodpecker humanoid in a cut leather jacket, spiked boots, chains, piercings, and too much make-up
  • Buster: male human with arctic fox features, youngest of the group–about 15–and short for his age, wears a white fencing suit with white cape, fencing mask covers mouth but rest is uncovered showing his fox ears and blue eyes, wears a white trilby hat with holes for his ears, lean fox-like build with a arctic fox tail
  • Kodiak: All-terrain vehicle half-robot orca whale controlled by an AI
  • Jax: poisonous plant man (Christmas Rose) with green skin, white hair, thorns on his shoulders and wrists, and a loincloth
  • Maddox: male Japanese macaque wearing goggles and a bandolier


  • Polax: strength, claws, magnetic powers
  • Shabina: agility, claws, causes people to see spots before their eyes
  • Blade: tap of her fingers can cause anything to disintegrate, the number of taps depends on the strength of the object
  • Buster: sword-fighting, uses a rapier
  • Kodiak: can change into various vehicles, has Wi-Fi and cupholders
  • Jax: poisonious, vine creation/manipulation, thorns, plant control
  • Maddox: genius, inventor/builder, favors his snowball blaster


  • Blade was part of the rock band Night Moth.
  • Buster seems to be not as respected among the group. He is a bit of a show-off, or is too eager to prove his worth. His family is the one that sponsors the Arctic Avengers.