“Resistance is…well you know.”

Evil alien empire


Xacians look almost identical to humans except for “wild colored” hair and tattoo of a purple snake above a bar code


  • Their empire stretched across much of the galaxy and their attempts to create the perfect killing machine created many of our myths and legends, but since the events of the Dark Matter War (or Dark Matter Victory [DMV] depending on who you ask), their empire has fallen
  • Their leader, Dingo, was once a Sirian (alien race from Sirius) but banished by the Council of Alphas
  • Dingo was later found by the Xacians and rose to power
  • Dingo was eventually destroyed but his mind was transferred into a clone of Dogboy
  • Dingo now calls himself Jackal (or Joey)
  • Jackal was banished to a nothingness void by Dogboy during the Dark Matter War
  • Surviving Xacians claim Jackal will return


  • Most have no superpowers while some upper level members have various powers
  • Seemingly advanced technology and science
  • They seem to have a never-ending supply of members
  • Jackal has the same powers as Dogboy


  • Spacecraft
  • Advanced vehicles
  • Teleporters
  • Advanced weapons
  • Advanced armor


  • Human
  • Jackal has the same weaknesses as Dogboy