The World Of Dogboy


Megaton City

  • City of a Perfect Future (or at least that’s what the sign says)
  • One million earthlings and roughly 500,000 aliens, sentient robots, and other life-forms working and living together
  • People shop, talk, work, and play through virtual reality thanks to VirtPods and Omni-Cuffs
  • After the UnPlugs caused the nuclear winter of 2018, dome shields were placed around cities to protect them
  • Weather is controlled and disasters are scheduled
  • “Natural” disasters have become a sporting event or a place to bring a date
  • People started creating dare games or gambling games as part of the disaster entertainment

The Doghouse

  • Dogboy’s base of operations
  • Contains all his gadgets, vehicles, and other “Dog Toys”
  • Originally a Sirian outpost but abandoned once they discovered Earth was populated, been on Earth for ages
  • Many of the rooms and compartments have yet to be explored


  • Paranormal And Weirdness Specialists
  • Police force responsible for keeping order among the transbeings

WAG News

  • One of Megaton City’s social media news channels
  • Can be watched daily on their MyVideo channel
  • Owned by Max McGruff

Megaton University

Freedom Isle

  • When transbeings first started to appear, they were treated not well. Many fled to an island to form their own country. Even though transbeings are more accepted, many still choose to live and work on Freedom Isle.
  • Home to Hero Hill and the headquarters of the International League of Super-Transbeings (ILOST).

Downfeather Asylum

  • Home to a bunch of quacks…doctors.
  • Humanoid ducks (and other fowl) are the doctors, nurses, and security

The Wastelands

  • A radioactive barren, desert land with no water or shade
  • Controlled by the UnPlugs
  • Created after the nuclear missile launch of 2018

Unified lands

  • After normal people learned that monsters, aliens, superheroes, and the like existed, they began to riot and attack transbeings. The world governments, fearing that the increase in hate crimes would end civilization, released the Love Bug. The Love Bug is a modified virus that forces everyone to “be more tolerant of others.”
  • Not only did the Love Bug outbreak stop the fighting, but it unified the nations. Most of Europe became the European Union; Russia and its close neighbors became Russia; all the nations in the Middle East joined to become the Middle East Empire; all of Africa–and the nearby islands–became the United Lands of Africa; India remained India; the Oriental nations became the Asian Coalition; the countries in North and South America became the American Alliance; and the polar regions–too far and sparsely populated for the outbreak to take a strong hold–became the Polar Frontier.
  • The individual nations still mostly run themselves; the unions are more for if an nation is attacked or one needs aid in some way.



  • Transformed being
  • Any thing with enhanced or special abilities–this includes animal, mineral, and/or vegetable

Transbeing classification system:

  • Type: Bio, Techno, Xeno, Persona
  • Class: Toon, Human, Alien, Half-Breed/Hybrid, etc
  • Category: Realistic, Psychic, Traveler, Animal Mimic, Enhanced, etc
  • Talent: Dog Mimic, Speed, Hearing, Telepathic, Teleportation, etc

Intelligent Autonomous Manifestations (IAM)

  • Any sentient being–transbeing or otherwise. They can be organics (human, alien, animal, plant, insect, etc), techno (techonology based–i.e. android or digital AI), inorganic (rocks, water, chairs, etc)

Super Attack Battle and Events Reconstruction (SABER)

  • Based in the Asian sector (i.e Japan, China, etc) with smaller operations around the world
  • The construction business that gets to clean up after super-battles
  • They make quite a lot of money and employ hundreds. They love super-battles; they get that sweet, sweet digital credits.
  • They use transbeing construction workers or repair nanobots to remove damaged areas and repair buildings, vehicles, and so on


  • A Dark Web hacker/programmer that can erase or alter a person’s digital information

Mod Mixer

  • A Dark Web hacker/programmer that can alter/add to (remix) a computer program or application

Law of 2012

  • All transbeings must be registered as Good, Bad, or Neutral before they turn 18

The Grey Area

  • All citizens are required to spend a set amount of time offline in order to exercise, socialize face-to-face, and so on


Magnetic-ion technology

  • Near infinite power supply used in just about everything, anti-gravity features cost extra

Trans-matter terminals/pads

  • Uses the Big Bang (all of existence happening at once) to allow people to travel great distances almost instantaneously
  • Increased security checks with UnPlugs on the loose

VirtPods (Pods or Virtual Pods)

  • Allows a full virtual reality experience


  • Provides access to Internet, limited virtual reality experience, makes phone calls, purchase items, has apps
  • Downloads the information you seek right into your brain, no need for reading
  • Uploads information/commands from your brain, no need to learn how to type or paint, the system will do it for you


  • 3D prints everything from food to buildings
  • Replaced the trans-matter pads for delivery of goods


  • A posting site for videos on the Internet (YouTube in the future)
  • Replaced TV networks and theaters, now all movies, shows, news, and so on are posted by MyVideo users
  • People still do go to the theater and such on their offline time, but the shows are still MyVideo posts


  • All your social media posts in one place (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in the future)

Other Websites:

  • YIP: a review site
  • Thwip Buzz: A message board/chat/social news/discussion area

Digital credits (eCreds, creds, cryptocurrency, eCash, etc)

  • Electronic money. No need for cards or cash, it’s all on your Omni-Cuff.

Dome shields

  • Protects the city from weather, meteors, radiation
  • Also blocks “unauthorized” broadcasts from outside the dome

Plasma blasters, pistols, rifles, shotguns, daggers, swords, batons, staffs, etc

  • Weapons made of or uses plasma energy
  • Stuns or kills depending on setting
  • Makes neat pew-pew noises

Ion cannon, missiles, rocket launchers, etc

  • Weapons made of or uses ion energy
  • You don’t want to be caught in the crosshairs

Sonic grenades, mines, nets, handcuffs, traps, etc

  • Weapons made of or uses sound waves
  • Stuns or kills depending on setting


  • Obedience Training and Instruction School
  • Created by Brain
  • Used as a hologram/simulation training room for both Dogboy and ILOST (though ILOST calls it the Obedience Training and Instruction Simulator)

Travel the stars aboard a cruise shuttle tour. Available trips include:

  • Three hour tour through the asteroid belt
  • Saturn moon-hopping
  • Winter vacation on Pluto
  • Beach day on Mercury
  • Shopping on Venus

Cross Over

The Omniverse and Multiverse