The Infinitus

Currently in beta


Welcome aboard The Infinitus. The Infinitus is a state-of-the-art, luxury eZine created by Tygart Media and BLT Publishing. It is a place for Adventurers and Dreamers to share their tales as we sail across the infinite sea of the Omniverse.

Feel free to recount your adventures or just enjoy experiencing the stories of others. We here at The Infinitus don’t care if your experiences are text, video, image, or audio just as long as they are yours.

We are not responsible for any loss of items, loss of limbs, or capture by villains.

What is Acceptable

Pretty much anything. Do keep in mind that this is a public forum so try to avoid erotic, derogatory, offensive, illegal, etc themes. To ensure the enjoyment of the guests and creators, some posts will be ad boosted. If posts are found to be “non-ad friendly” they will not be boosted. 

Not only are written genres accepted (such as fiction, poetry, non-fiction), we accept food recipes (a video of you making it would also be nice).

We also accept video, text, etc about a game you created. A video of people playing the game–or text describing the game–would be appreciated.

We also accept music. Submit a video of your band playing or an interview with your band or just a podcast of your band talking about what inspired your latest song.

We accept artwork, architectural designs, and coding. It can be audio of a movie review or people talking about comics or what they thought of the sports game last night. We also accept screenplays and short films.

You can also submit sketches, doodles, or a video (or text) describing your inspiration or process. Or a tutorial or advice.

The limit is your imagination and your passion. 

Why Infinitus?

First, it is free. There is no submission charge. There is no change for you to read/experience it (revenue will mostly come from ads).  You will retain all rights to your creation.

Second, unless you submit something REALLY out there (such as offensive or illegal material), it’ll be published. 

Third, you’ll be published. Your work will be out there for others to enjoy. You’ll be able to tell others that you’ve been published or had a gig or have experience cooking or doing a podcast. You’ll have something for your resumé. It’s a cheap way to “go on tour.”

Fourth, your submission will be out in front. Just like a regular magazine, your content will be right in the person’s face. The audience won’t have to search through endless articles to find you. When you get published, you’ll be right in front (at least until the next 20 or so post that come after you). It’s a media feed. (In other words, it’d be a good idea to submit on a regular basis.)

And fifth, your post (unless it is offensive, etc) has a good chance of being ad boosted. Tygart Media will select posts and boost them. Your post has a strong change of being displayed before your target audience. 

How do I Submit?

You can submit your video, text, audio, image(s) to Will Tygart at When you do, use the subject line “My Awesome Creation.” (Minus the period at the end.)

In the body of the email, fill out this form:

Creator’s Name: (Whatever name you wish to go by, real or pen)

Link to creation(s): (Please link your work to somewhere we can copy-paste or download or embed, such as Google Docs, Imgur, Google Drive, etc)

Bio: (A short bio with ONE link to a place people can find your work, such as a website)

Contact (Optional): (A place we can contact you if there are questions or problems)

Is There a Theme?


Submit your creation.

Is There a Deadline?


Is There a Size Limit?

Not right now. You will be submitting a link not the actual document/video. However, we are in beta so that might charge (we hope not though).

Will I Be Paid?

As of now, no. We hope to one day, but we will need submissions so we can start getting ad revenue.

Can I Submit a Long (i.e. novel) Story?

Right now, yes, but we’ll probably break it up over a course of posts. So, it might be hard for the audience to follow along, but you’re still welcome to do it. At some point, we might add a website or something for “long” stories.

Can I Submit a Sample/Preview of My Story?


Does It Have To Be Perfect?

No. Part of our goal is to showcase how creators get from idea to finished product. So doodle, rough drafts, and the like are acceptable too.

I Still Have Questions

You can direct your questions to one of the links found at Use the subject/first line “My Infinitus Question”

Terms of Use

By submitting you agree that your work is your own and you hold all rights to it. You also agree to grant us a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual license to reproduce, adapt, distribute and publish such content for the purpose of displaying, distributing and promoting the eZine. You also agree that you are responsible for all issues relating to your submission and will indemnify and defend us against damages and any losses relating to said issues. Meaning, you are giving us permission to use your content for the eZine. You still retain all rights to it. Finally, you are agreeing that you are 18 or older or have a parents/guardians’ permission.



Here are some content samples to give you an idea of what we are looking for in The Infinitus.

These samples have been saved in PDF for your ease, if you submit content please submit it into a text document, PNG, JPEG, or movie file–something we can copy-paste or download so that it can be uploaded.

Gone Fishing | Draft

Gone Fishing | Behind-the-Scenes

Gone Fishing | Final